Our Story

CameraSim was born out of a love for photography.

In 2011, I set out with my family on what would become a two-year expedition across the country.


As we traveled, the new destinations and landscapes inspired my daughters to pick up the camera, and I realized that everybody should have the opportunity to learn photography in such a hands-on way. While most people aren’t going to pick up for a two-year cross-country trip, they can certainly access realistic locations to practice photography at through their computers.


That’s when I started thinking about how I could enhance a tool I had already made (the free version of CameraSim) into something more extensive that would make DSLR photography accessible for anyone who wanted to learn it.


My goal with CameraSim has always been to help make photography “click” for others so they can experience the joy that it has brought me and my family. While nothing can replace using a real camera, I’m proud of the role that CameraSim has played in enlightening budding photographers all over the world.


Jon Arnold,

CameraSim Founder

Monument Valley AZ, 2012 (left), Nogales AZ, 2012 (right)

We make tools for educators, students, photo hobbyists, and aspiring photographers.

Our suite of tools was designed to give a well-rounded understanding of DSLR photography. By using the CameraSim Pro Package, we want you to step away from the computer and feel confident holding a DSLR in your hands. No more fiddling with controls until you get the right shot: take beautiful photographs in various settings and times of day with ease.