Play the CameraSim 3D Preview

Posted on June 12, 2014 by Jon Arnold

The first CameraSim 3D playable preview is ready for you to try out. UPDATE: The second CameraSim 3D preview has been released!


It’s the first glimpse behind the virtual lens of CameraSim 3D. This brief demo guides you through the controls for moving around the 3D learning environment – which is easy to learn and very familiar for you gamers – and the first few steps of taking photos with your DSLR.

Try out the CameraSim 3D preview now! >>

System requirements

  • A computer made within the last 3 years. (Older computers may work; we’re still documenting detailed system requirements.)
  • A mouse with scroll functionality, usually via a middle mouse wheel. A touchpad that supports a scroll gesture, such using two fingers or via a scroll area, should also work.
  • The free Unity plugin. The demo page will prompt you to download it if it is not already installed.

Known issues

  • Safari is not yet supported.
  • Focal Length and Focus (via the mouse wheel or scrolling gesture) are overly sensitive in Chrome browsers.
  • Full camera controls will be accessible in a later version of the preview.

If you have any performance problems, please email

I’m thrilled to share this milestone with you, but more previews and functionality are on the way. Thank you not only for your patience but for all your comments on our recent sneak peek blog post. Here are just a few of the things I heard:

  • “I suggest that you have an in-depth section on people’s faces as subjects, such as the effect of focal length and subject distance, back lighting, managing direct sun, etc.” – Ken S.
  • “I would love to do night photography within the app, capture the aurora borealis and star trails.” – Stuart A.
  • “I would love to also use some low light settings. It would be nice to have some shots for that.” - Sharon M.
  • “A sports scenario would be fantastic. The key point to this is peak action shooting, anticipation of the shot, and of course fast shutter speeds.” – Mark C.
  • “I think it would be great if a photographic studio could be one of the locations/levels.” – Chad W.

As we continue to build CameraSim 3D and add features, your feedback is invaluable and so appreciated.

That’s why I can’t wait for your reaction to this first preview. What do you think about the movement controls, the detail of the environment, and using the virtual camera?

Please give it a go and comment below with your feedback!

  • Peter Sweeney

    It’s a very clever start, looking forward to seeing the full manual controls.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Peter!

  • TheNewsIsBroken

    Excellent demo. Congrats on all the programming and UI.

    • Jon Arnold


  • Vedranius

    Well done! Running pretty smooth with no problems!
    Can’t wait for the full dSLR controls and entering a nature, landscape shooting and so on :)

    • Jon Arnold

      Awesome, thanks Vedranius!

  • ddt9

    This is a really charming little demo that nicely gets the player through the first few basic steps of camera operation. The camera controls for adjusting focal length and focus feel very fluid and natural. I’ll play around with the demo a bit more after work, but I think this is definitely on the right track- one bit that I noticed was during the crouching segment, because of the limitations of the y-axis it was difficult to tell when you had moved sufficiently out from under the cement wall to stand back up. I think a lot of games cheat this mechanic a little and propel players to the opposite side of low surfaces to prevent loss of the players’ momentum. Maybe it’s just me. Either way, I think this is going in a really interesting and promising direction! Looking forward to build 2.

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi there. Perhaps what is exacerbating the issue you noted is that I have the player slow down and sort of waddle when in crouch mode. I’m not planning on “crawling under things” being a part of the lessons…I really just wanted to “force” people to crouch so they understand that they CAN crouch, something that will be useful when shooting low angle photos. Regardless, thanks for letting me know about your experience with that…very helpful!

  • Bruce

    I am not a computer game player and don’t find the game navigation environment conducive to learning how a camera works. Is it a game or a learning tool? Having to navigate a virtual world before I can use the camera tools is a big turn off for me. I’d like a mode where you can just select a scene and begin photographing without all this Duke Nukem stuff.

    • Tristan

      It’s supposed to be both. It’s an educational game. They want you to have a fun time like a game but also learn. To interact. If all someone wants to do is learn, they can read a book on photography but if you want to have fun and learn about photography, this is the game that you would have to play. Some people, such as myself, don’t have a DSLR yet but for when they do, they’d like to have as much knowledge as possible. It’s hands-on without being hands-on. They want to give you the simulation of an “on-the-go” photographer in which will adventure around and simply take pictures.

      • Jon Arnold

        I couldn’t have said that any better, thx

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Bruce, thanks for your feedback. I think I did a poor job of communicating that this is a training module on how to use CameraSim, not how to use a camera. The actual photography lessons will be in separate modules and will get right to it. But for those new to 3D games/apps that want to learn in a medium like this, I think a dedicated module on how to use the app is essential.

  • Richie Allen

    VERY cool concept! I unfortunately can’t get my Apple trackpad to work with it. The scroll function works fine everywhere else, but when I scroll within the CameraSim environment to zoom, it just attempts to scroll the actual page in the browser, not within the environment.

    • Kukul Silva

      same here, just try another browser. i try in safari and don’t work, but works fine in Chrome

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Richie, as Kukul mentioned, we unfortunately are having an issue with Safari. Is that the browser you were using?

      • Richie Allen

        Yes, it’s Safari.

  • Andrew Mohebbi

    As a long time FPS player I found the controls easy to use…I started with Wolfenstein and played *all* the games up to Quake III/Counterstrike and on/off since then.

    As someone who is new to photography I found the preview intriguing, but will have to hold my judgement until I can get my hands on more of the controls that just zoom and focus. I’m looking forward to trying it out.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Andrew. I started w Wolfenstein too back in the day…

  • Peter Jofoldi

    Just like an FPS, it’s easy to understand. Can I make a video about it?

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Peter. Yes, feel free to make a video. :)

  • zubermen

    Very nice demo! Hope to get a fullframe camera next time and some cars to shoot. I need to buy a 35 or 50mm and would be awesome to try them before!!

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Zubermen. Swapping camera bodies is on my list, but it might be a ways off. Swapping lenses, however, is mostly done…and it’s pretty cool. :)

  • Alex

    Seeing this demo has gotten me really excited to try the full version. Only issue I had was how shaky the camera was, I can hold the camera a lot steadier than that in real life. Perhaps a control to “hold your breath” like they have for the sniper rifle in games like Call of Duty. Aside from that this simulator looks like it will be loads of fun to play around with!

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Alex, several others have also pointed out the undue shakiness, so I think I just need to tone it down. :)

  • farbod

    that’s great i like it, i’m glad if i have som equpment and can try realistic landscape and urban views.

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi, and thanks for the feedback. I plan on having new settings as I roll out new modules, including nature and urban settings.

  • webOSfrance

    the part with the wooden boards is quite useless, It would be great to be able to skip the tutorial. However, I looking forward to testing the full version.

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi, thanks for the feedback. The point of the boards (and this entire module, really) is just to acclimate someone new to 3D games/apps. The actual lessons will be deployed in separate modules.

  • unitypix

    Pretty awesome, I’m really lookin forward to the full application!

    • Jon Arnold


  • John Westrock

    Awesome stuff and quite fun! I’m playing this on a MacBook Pro using the trackpad. Normally when I “right click” I hold down control and tap the trackpad. However, when using auto-focus and pressing control, I end up crouching.

    • Jon Arnold

      ahhh thanks for pointing out that glitch, John. I’ll fix that.

  • Brad Herbert

    Still love this idea! Its great to actually use it hands on. Overall I think its great – here are a few suggestions I have after the first impression:

    1) Would be great to have a little more detailing on the camera backside that you are carrying, seems a bit bland.

    2) While in crouch mode, it would be good if you could could vary the height of the crouch.. on the bottle/machine setup, I wanted to split the difference between the standing height and the crouch.

    3) Will we be able to dutch the camera horizon?

    4) The narrow boards navigating was a bit frustrating, and I am a casual FPS gamer, so for those not as savvy to FPS games, I can see them getting really frustrated. Would suggest when you fall off the first time, to have an option for them to skip to the next section if they want.

    • Jon Arnold

      Brad, thanks for that feedback. Re: dutch angles, I *plan* on having that part of the Composition module that I’m working on!

  • Carsten Juelsbo

    Nice and easy. Looking forward to what is coming

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Carsten!

  • Adam Malisheski

    Can the camera be a little steadier? I understand that no one can hold perfectly still with out a tripod, but this seems a bit exaggerated. Maybe just slow the movement down a little.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Adam. MANY have commented about the shaky camera, so that’s clearly something I need to dial down. :)

  • Tristan

    This is going to be one of the coolest games ever thought of. So original and great for someone like me that loves video games and is just starting to grab a hold of my photography skills.

    1. I think being able to change the crouch/stance height of your player is a must. Maybe you could make us hold a button like CAPS LOCK and then let us adjust our crouch height with the scroll wheel.

    2. I think the only thing left that I’d complain about is the final still. It seems to lose resolution. That could be something to tweak.

    But besides that, amazing and I am so excited to see what’s next.

    • Jon Arnold

      Tristan thanks for the helpful feedback. You’re right about the final photo losing some detail…it’s due to some technical constraints under the hood, and it bugs the heck out of me. I’ll keep picking at it…

  • Mogens Christensen

    I don´t want a game, i want to learn how to take pictures. Hopefully you will keep the old one going.

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Mogens, yes, we’re keeping the old one around. We are mindful that this gaming approach will not be for everyone, but it’s what we’re exploring for now. Thanks for voicing your concern!

  • Cheryl Yeatts

    LOVE IT! (Except for the plank-walking) Perhaps you could only fall once and get to move on. I got frustrated because I was anxious to move on and use the camera. I teach high school and my students really loved the old version. They will “flip” over this version and I’m sure I won’t have to beg them to work with it. Job well done. Thanks.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks for that feedback, Cheryl!

  • Seer Salomon

    It looks awesome and very promising!

    My notes:

    - Keep performance in mind. I’m using a macbook (2012) and nearly burned my legs due to the resources needed to run the game.

    - As many have already pointed out, the steadiness of the camera could be improved a little. Most people argue that nobody can be as steady as with a tripod, but I think you could easily get away with making it 100% stable and than just blurring the end result. Because, really, who actually sees the shakiness of his own hands?

    - I also second the request for adjustable crouch stance. Let me add a jump feature to get on top of obstacles as well.

    For the future:

    - Play back your taken photos
    - Free mode, bring up your camera whenever you want
    - Rotate camera for vertical shots
    - The preview of controls looks good, but if at all possible, it would be nice to map them onto the camera and into your shooting mode. Much like F+scroll = focus, maybe use a+scroll for aperture and s+scroll for shutter speed, etc.

    That’s about it for now. Keep up the good work!

    • Jon Arnold

      Seer, thanks so much for the thoughtful feedback. Very helpful!

  • Mike

    Good graphics, easy to use. A bit too shaky. Can’t wait until the next one, great job guys!

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Mike!

  • Kukul Silva

    it’s awesome, really great. Just should be a little bit more steady, maybe should have a button for this, like a sniper holding breath for a moment. Other thing the scroll zoom don’t work for me in Safari.

    • Jon Arnold

      Yeah Safari is a known issue for us at the moment…I don’t know if I’ll be able to get around this so I may need to create some secondary controls

  • Rick Loucks

    Very nice and a very good idea! I’m excited to see the final product. Ran great on a Dell w/ Radeon 8860. I’m going to try it out again on my beast i7 w/ 7970 and see the major performance!

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks for the hardware info, Rick!

  • Carlos Rodríguez Muñoz

    It’s really good. Very good idea for the people who want to learn about photography. I’m excited to see de full demo to “play” with the manual mode! Very easy to play

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Carlos. I’m working on finishing up the controls, so that’ll be coming soon.

      • Carlos Rodríguez Muñoz

        Sorry Jon, I forget to ask something, are you thinking in translate it to spanish?

  • Ralph Hatt

    Yes, could be a little more steady but other than that, works well!

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Ralph.

  • Tim Wilde

    Great start! I assume it’ll be possible to skip the game control training. Photographer’s drunken status is overdone. If it’s part of teaching shutter speed, let the subject do the moving. I hope you’ll eventually include prime lenses, and maybe a non-lethal weapon for fun. Good luck!

    • Jon Arnold

      Tim, this entire training module will be optional. Not sure about weapons :)…but we’ll have a lens module with various lenses.

  • Andy Dubrowsky

    Can’t zoom with my magic trackpad in a mac

    • Jon Arnold

      Andy are you using Safari (which we know has this problem) or is it another browser?

      • Andy Dubrowsky

        Trying with chrome now… thanks

  • Антон

    Хорошее исполнение игрового процесса,
    Хотелось бы уметь ложиться, думаю меня многие поддержат в этом.
    Не удобный zoom, добавьте кнопу для быстрого перехода между фокусными расстояниями, к примеру на цифрах: 1 – 18мм, 2 – 24мм, 3 – 35мм, 4 – 50мм, 5 – 85мм, 6 – 100мм, 7 – 200мм, 8 – 400мм, 9 – 600, 0 – 1200мм для фотографирования луны :)

    Good performance of the gameplay,
    Would like to be able to lie down, I think many will support this.
    Not convenient zoom, add a button to quickly switch between focal lengths, for example in figures: 1 – 18mm, 2 – 24mm, 3 – 35mm, 4 – 50mm, 5 – 85mm, 6 – 100mm, 7 – 200mm, 8 – 400mm, 9 – 600, 0 – 1200mm for photographing the moon :)

    • Jon Arnold

      Great feedback and suggestions, thanks!

  • Mary Lou Frost

    Be aware that I am not your common participant. I am 81 years old and not a gamer. However, it would help me to know where I really am. As I move the mouse I go up and down I don’t know where I actually am. Consequently, trying to run to the door, I wasn’t yet up on that level. Any ideas how to make that clearer?

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Mary Lou, have you gotten through the first door or is that where you’re stuck?

      As you’ve seen, you move the mouse to look around but you use your keyboard to actually move. So, in that first room, while looking at the door, use your “up” arrow key to move forward. There will be some additional movement instructions once you get through the door.

      Keep me posted…I’ll get you through it! (I am keenly interested in making this easier for non-gamers)

  • Bryan

    OH MY GOSH! I grew up on Quake, Half Life, Doom…and this gave me the same WOW factor that those games did when I first played them. The only difference being I will actually be learning something this time over! Congrats on an excellent first round, I look forward to seeing where you take this!

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Bryan, I appreciate that. (Half Life 2 is still my fave…)

  • jbarber1

    Demo ran without a hitch, so good job on basic usability. I did what I was told, but should have tested to see if I could take pictures of other things in the scene besides the suggested subjects. Being able to choose would make this much more interesting and life-like. I’ll want to see how the program deals with other camera controls, too. I actually thought the old program did a good job, but the game-like presentation here should draw in a lot of younger (or gamer) users. I’m impressed with the effort being put into this.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks for that. We’re trying to find that right balance between gaminess, educational value, and good old fashioned simplicity, especially for non-gamers. So everyone’s comments here are really helping us. Thanks for testing it!

  • sharkbayte

    Loved it! Fun to use, I loved Duke Nukem and it feels the same, it was very easy to use, fun to get through the levels as well. Only problem I had was trying to get the auto focus to work for me. Other than that I enjoyed it. I was using a Mac and Firefox for a browser. Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to see the final product!

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi and thanks for trying it out. Can you tell me more about the auto focus problem you saw?

      • sharkbayte

        Hi Jon,

        I just played again and tried to use the auto focus, this time I saw the red dot and heard it focus, first time I guess I wasn’t zoomed out far enough to get it to work, so no problems with the game what so ever. I can see a lot of different scenarios that can be used to try different types of photography and all the while learning the camera. Very cool!

        • Jon Arnold

          Thanks for trying it again and reporting back! Hmm, auto focus should work irrespective of your focal length. Let me know if you encounter any more weirdness with that.

  • Dan Kaufman

    This is great. The interface works well, I’m looking forward to being able to pull up my camera settings and adjust them. The demo is pretty limited in being very task oriented. As photography is a creative endeavour, I hope that the full version would have both a task-driven interface to educate, as well as a “free-shoot” mode to do your own thing. At any rate, it’s on the right track!

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Dan, and yes, we’ll have a “free roam” mode…it’s already developed. :)

  • joe

    The whole game is pretty fluid, i think there should be an option on the scroll in terms of zoom/focus in&out… otherwise, really enjoyable

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Joe, can you explain what you mean about an option for zoom/focus? Do you mean an alternate method rather than the scrolling stuff?

      • joe

        Yeah sure, I mean it would be good to have personal prefernece as to the direction of the scroll…. So i could chose if Scroll up = Zoom in or scroll up = Zoom out (Same with focus)… Hope that makes sense!

  • Davo

    You’re doing a cracking job Jon. Can we expect many different scenes or environments in the full version?

    • Jon Arnold

      yes Davo, we’ll be rolling out new modules as we get them done and those will each have a unique scene.

  • Chad Westover

    I can’t say how excited I am for my students to play with this! Excellent work, Sir. Can’t wait for the full version.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Chad!

  • Yohana Rosales Frias

    This is really good. the controls are good and the environment looks awesome. I hope the full version features different settings. (Landscape, Night life etc.) Looking forward to it! :D

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Yohana, yes, each new module/lesson that we role out will have a new scene.

  • Ratib Al Safadi

    Creative idea. I checked the game and I found it very suitable to teach students on the types of imaging and simulation..

    I wish you success..

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Ratib.

  • 6 megapickles

    This is going to be fun :3

    • Jon Arnold

      That’s what we’re shooting for, thanks :)

  • Nico Visser

    I however agree on the camera shake. Bit overdone.
    Can’t wait to play with camera controls.

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Nico, thanks for the feedback!

  • Rob Twig Wood

    Love it

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Rob!

  • fyzz08

    it’s insane, great job

    • Jon Arnold


  • Meliok

    Pretty good. Waiting to see the other controls :)

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks, I’ll have those controls done very soon.

  • Josephine

    I love it, its so fun and it so easy to use. Can’t wait till it’s completed.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Josephine!

  • Android351 .

    The graphics are very nice and the concept of moving around freely to photograph is great …. balancing across the planks was a little unnecessary perhaps. Don’t loose sight of the app – this is about photography … not scoring points by gaming skills.

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi there, I should have clarified that this module is about how to use CameraSim, not how to use a camera…something I think will be important for people new to 3D games that want to get the most out of CameraSim. The actual photography lessons will be in different modules/scenes. But to your point about not losing sight of the app’s true purpose, that’s great advice, thanks!

      • Terry Cole

        I thought that was great idea. By forcing everyone to “walk the plank” you very quickly learn movement skills that make everything else easier from that point on.

        • Peter Klooster

          What you should not forget is that I think this project will be nice for people like my aunt, that want to learn how to use a camera. Being able to balance on planks and using your WASD keys and mouse at the same is something that only a gamer can do.

          The thing is, these planks can actually prevent some-one that’s not good with computers (games) from getting towards the part where they can actually use the product for which they bought it.

  • Anthony Bucci Radogna

    - The quality of the environment looks surprisingly promising for what is to come. In relation to portrait specific assignments in the virtual environment, I am hoping that they appear more life-like compared to the cardboard cutout.
    - The movement speed of the first-person seems very smooth and very accurate.
    - The camera shake effect seems a little excessive and could probably be lessened.
    - The option to crouch by pressing a single button rather than holding it down would be beneficial when taking photos. Being able to lie down also would be great to get a shot from a low angle.
    - The humorous little inserts, signs, objects make the environment more positively stimulating!
    - I would love to see the ability to work with off-camera flash but I understand this may be possible in future versions.
    - No faults and glitches found throughout game-play.
    - An idea for equipping cameras and lenses is to have a room with shelves containing cameras and you simply approach the camera model you wish to use and then move to another shelf to select your lens (or lenses).
    - The quality of the shots taken appear a little hazy – could be due to sun glare but will further test this when more of the app is developed.
    Overall I think the app has so far exceeded my expectations. I was not expecting the quality of the environment to be so sharp, and with good contrast and colour.
    Well done!

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Anthony, thanks so much for that detailed feedback. Re: the hazy snapshots, this is an issue I’m trying to solve (or at least improve). Thanks again!

  • yizhak shachar

    this is a great tool for studing and teaching photography, i’m sure you’ll come with more updates and features in the future. It would be cool if you could add some Daz characters to the seen, so we can practive shooting also people. Great product, keep up the good work, can’t wait for the complete version.

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi yizhak, I also am very interested in this. Unfortunately the human models I’ve experimented with so far that are optimized for gaming don’t have the quality of Daz characters. But this will improve over time, I have no doubt.

  • Pierre de Milly

    I love it!
    Only problem is I’m using an azerty (French) keyboard so I can’t use wasd keys to move around :/

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Pierre, are there standard arrow keys on that type of keyboard?

  • Chetan

    This is a Great Tool for Study and Teaching Photography and Some Idea Share You, If You can Other Place Create Like Garden, Room, Outdoor, Night Seen, Sun Light Seen, Then More Benefit For Learning Photography

    • Jon Arnold

      Yes, I’m going to have a new scene in each module/lesson that I create. Thanks for those suggestions!

  • André Henriques

    So far so good. Some minor things, but that have been addressed by others, like the excessive camera shake. Will there also be the ability to take pictures from the prone position?

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi André. I don’t have prone position right now, but several people have asked for that. So, it looks like I need to provide some more controls for viewing height. Thanks for the feedback!

      • André Henriques

        Maybe it could be just a double tap of the same control. Hit C once and he crouches, hit C again and he goes prone. Hit C a third time and he goes back to standing.
        Many games use this system and it seems to work.
        This would also allow you to shoot from the selected position without having to keep an extra key pressed.

  • Mike Driscoll

    This lived up to all my hopes and I think it will be something that I would be excited to present to teachers at the NAEA Conference. The detail looks sharp, and I thought the little addition of the robotic “camara sim girl” was a fun call back to your product’s history. Also, great work with collision detection! Are you building this on your own, or is someone helping you?

    Also, After reading some of the other comments, here are a few notes of my own:

    - I was playing the demo while using a laptop, and realized that there is no way for me to finish the demo, because I am unable to zoom without a mouse :( I will have to try this again once I have access to one in a few days. Maybe add a secondary way to zoom using keys.

    -Though I realize this wasn’t showing off what the camera could do, so much as it was demonstrating game play, I will be interested to see how complex things get when adding in the ability to tilt the camera at many different angles (horizontal, dutch tilt, leaning the camera forward or back).

    - I think it will be important to keep these controls intuitive if possible. Maybe you could include support in the game for a x-box/playstation style controller or a wii-mote. Maybe you could develop the game for the arcade section of these platforms eventually. Also, maybe there could be a menu that allowed players to assign their own keys/mouse controls to do different things.

    - I agree with several others comments about excessive hand shake, that a way to lay and to jump would be helpful, and that the slight loss of resolution in the final photographs is slightly annoying.

    -Will players be able to take pictures while running to produce lens blur? If so, will there be an opportunity to keep the subject sharp by moving the camera at the same pace?

    - I assume there will also be a gallery area where you can view and review the pictures that have been taken. I think this is the part that I am not most anxious to test out. I think you could do a lot with this section, including let students share pictures with one another or a teachers account. Maybe even let players submit photos to Camera Sim for a “hall-of-fame”.

    -Beyond trying out different lenses in the full game (and it looks like maybe different lighting kits?) will you also have accessories like lens filters, snoots, reflectors, etc to use? Could you maybe even employ a lighting assistant?

    Overall, I think you have done a great job here. Thanks again!

    • Mike Driscoll

      Just a few more things a friend and I noticed as we played through things again… I didn’t notice the commentary at the bottom of the screen the first time through (I did wonder what the bloops where), but enjoy this feature a lot. Maybe you could point it out at the beginning of the game with a call out.

      Also, maybe you could add in an option for sound to put in headphones or mute, so people could enjoy some music in the game or have the game muted for crowded classrooms.

      • Jon Arnold

        hey Mike, thanks for all of those comments. Things like savable and sharable photos are definitely on the roadmap, but I won’t have that ready to go when we launch. I have had a couple people ask about filters, etc, but I’ve not done any testing on that yet. I like the idea, but honestly it’s farther down the priority list. I have a couple people helping me with some of the web stuff and marketing, but I’m singlehandedly designing and developing the actual app. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but I wish there were 10 of me! :) Good question about motion blur. Yes, the camera will bob rather significantly when you walk or run with the camera enabled, and thus produce a significant amount of motion blur. I have not yet tested the results of tracking with a moving object, but I do hope that works (or that I can get it to work) because that is such a useful technique with a real DSLR. Thanks again for taking the time to type all of your feedback. It will be very helpful as we continue to refine the app.

        • Mike Driscoll

          I’m so glad I could be of some help! Let me know if you need a tester or if I can help in some other way. I have a degree and a lot professional experience in graphic design. Also, Out of curiosity, what programs/programming languages are you using to build the game?

          • Jon Arnold

            Mike, just stay on my mailing list and you’ll be notified when the next version is ready to test. Your additional feedback will be most welcomed. Also, I’m using Unity and C# for the game dev, Maya for 3D modeling, and Photoshop and Illustrator for design and texturing. Fun stuff.

  • Martin

    What I liked was the simplicity of the training ground. It should be easy for anyone, and that’s what you accomplished. Even someone without gaming experience will be able to handle the controls nicely. One thing, though: As there will be some “players” that have had previous experience using 1st person shooters, you should invert the scrolling wheel controls so that you zoom in when scrolling “up”. This should feel more familiar.

    Other than that, I like the concept. It doesn’t have to come with AAA+ graphics. Even though I prefer shooting with a real camera, I will definitely recommend this to my friends once it’s available, because not everyone is able to buy a camera just to see if he or she is enjoying it. Good work, keep it up!

    • Jon Arnold

      Wait, Martin, are you saying that when you scroll UP, the camera zooms OUT? This would feel totally backwards to me and was not my intent. Are you on a PC? I’m on a mac, which has inverted scrolling so I wonder if that’s the problem here. Please confirm, as I’d definitely want to remedy this. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

      • Martin

        Hello Jon,
        yes, I am on a PC, and after I tested it again, I can confirm this.
        You don’t have to thank me, because the reason I applied for the test is to find bugs and/or make suggestions. Thats what I do :)

      • Neil Creek

        I agree with Martin on this one. The zoom direction felt the opposite to what I was expecting. Years of panoramic photography and their viewers (including Google maps/earth/streetview) taught me to scroll down to see a wider view.

        Also I’ve seen a conflict in the use of the phrase “zoom out” and “zoom in” with different photographers, with them meaning the opposite for many. For me “Zoom out” means to decrease the focal length. I suspect you were meaning the opposite. Perhaps it would be good to either avoid using “zoom in/out” or define its use.

        • Jon Arnold

          Yep, I think we’re all on the same page re: what the scroll/zoom behavior should have been. It was correct on the mac, but I had forgotten that mac and windows have opposite scrolling directions. I’ve fixed this for the next preview, so it should feel correct. Thanks!

  • Nick Coulter

    Congratulations Jon, this is a truly brilliant interface. I know many of the ideas and comments have already been covered which are immediately from a quick browse through others comments. My main two are camera orientation and crouch to be a various degree so you can change viewpoint from standing to lying down. I know tripod options and flash options are coming. Perhaps bounce flash options would be good if you are considering external flash additions.
    I am just happy that it is going to be available. My students will just love this. I am proud!

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Nick, bounce flash is on the list, but farther down. Camera orientation is higher. I’ll have tilting very soon, though sadly I don’t know when I’ll get to portrait orientation which is sort of a big addition programmatically.

      • Eric Heymans

        Hi Jon.
        I believe (I’m saying this but I really have no clue if it helps) you could start with just crop de left and right side of the picture frame to “simulate” a portrait view and calculate the crop factor in the lens focal length. Still the camera will be “horizontal” but the picture will look “vertical”.
        Does not seem very intuitive but at least it gives a kind of portrait mode “flavor”.

  • Amir H

    Cut the gaming down, we aim to shoot a camera not nuke the world

  • W.

    I really love this, it can really help my skills and knowledge on photo shooting

  • Neil Creek

    Excellent start! I’m not sure the walking up the planks and running parts of the tutorial are necessary, but having something for FPS ‘noobs’ is a good idea. When newer versions come out, it might be nice to have a “steady” mode where you press a button to brace yourself and thus limit the swaying. I found it distracting, but it’s a good teaching tool to show new photographers that bracing is important for a sharp shot. I’m also a little concerned (as I’ve mentioned previously) that the dynamic range/contrast in the scenes isn’t very realistic. The shadows should be much deeper on a sunny day. That also makes me think that reflected light (such as nearby walls being lit by the sun reflecting off the ground/other walls) might be a handy thing to demonstrate, but I don’t know if that’s in the Unity engine.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing more, and the sooner the better as I’m working on a big new project for which this could be a very useful tool! Good luck and carry on :D

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Neil. Getting the contrast/dynamic range right in all lighting situations (and at all ISO settings) will take some time, but I’m committed to continually improving this. I’m glad you’re interested in seeing more because your feedback is quite helpful.

  • Nauh

    The controls feel great, I didn’t know what to expect and the overall experience really surprised me.

    One thing that would be great to have, is the ability to control the height of the crouch, as a photographer, this is one of those little things that can make a huge difference in your photography.

    Also, I am a 3D Artist available as a Freelance, in case that you need or want some help.

    Congratulations on the great product!

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks for the feedback Nauh!

  • Ardi Munawar

    it’s jawsome Jon! The graphic is astonishing, and most of all, it represent the real camera. Yes, it will be helpful for the learner.

    Btw, let me introduce myself, my name is Ardi Munawar from Bandung, Indonesia. Right now, I’m using your free DSLR Sims for my research in collage (to pass my bachelor grad). It’s about how useful your tools in the purpose of being a learning source for the people who studied basic digital photography. The result is good, every respondent of my research feel that camerasim is a useful tools, especially for those who doesn’t have camera yet.

    Keep up the great work, I hope my reasearh will help your project to be bigger and better. Regards.

    • Jon Arnold

      Awesome, thanks Ardi. Best of luck with your research project!

      • Ardi Munawar

        yes, thanks Jon. Your camerasim save my collage life, ahaha. Hopefully we can meet someday and discuss loads of your idea.

  • Barakine

    graphics are great and the running is amazing with the shaking and all, it could be a really good game, i’d probbably would pay some bucks if the engine was used to be an horror game or any other type :)
    good job!

  • John O’Dell

    It was very jumpy or laggy on my Mac but the graphics were great and the idea of teaching photography visually from a computer is a giant step from the chalkboard and having 20 people asking if their settings are right. Good luck and I look forward to seeing the next phase.

  • Willicw

    Fantastic Applications.
    Really useful.

  • Tony Schmitt

    Very nice so far. Good training level. Can’t wait to see more!

  • Micah Harshbarger

    Sadly, this program seems to be impossible on my iMac. It does not work with macs mice. Scrolling will not zoom the camera in and out, but rather tries to scroll the website up and down. Thus, I cant even get through the initial training since there is no way to zoom the camera lens. Very sad. Also another big deal for many is that there is no way to invert the vertical axis for aiming. You talk a lot about putting controls and the like for gamers, but somehow totally missed that huge amounts of gamers cant function without inverted axis. Our brains just dont work that way. If there is something Im missing on either of these issues, im all ears. Otherwise, this program is an epic failure and nonfunctional for me.

    • Eric Heymans

      I’m on Mavericks and I have no problem or issue using the demo using Chrome.

  • meshif

    Definitely gonna follow the progress on this one. I’m not exactly new to shooting manual but this would be a fun way to play around with different settings and whatnot without wasting film or memory card space. Have you thought of submitting this to Steam? I would gladly pay a few bucks for this long before I paid for something like Goat Sim or Rock Sim.

  • ezzedin2001

    Thanks you this is geat!

  • Eric Heymans

    Hi Jon.
    Couldn’t read all the comments so my feedback could have been said hundreds of time.
    (and please forgive me for my english as I’m a french speaking person).

    The look and feel, the game play look great.
    Knowing your CameraSim apps, I’m sure all the relation between all the parameters will be fine.
    I red there will be multiple scenes and environments : awesome !

    Some ideas for the development roadmap :
    - User defined height as we can go from 10 to 250 cm easily in the real life
    - The continuous move of the camera is a bit annoying (I mean it is never still unless you’ll choose for a tripod) but I understand the reasoning behind. Would be cool to have an option to activate / deactivate it.
    - a “go to” or “bookmark” function to mark a “place” somewhere in the map/ scene to jump directly to the location
    - a “fly” mode to simulate .. a fly.
    - I don’t know how you deal with perspectives and lens distortion? I’m thinking of architectural photography.
    - a macro kind of game play with adapted lenses … :)
    - a tilt-shit lens add-on
    - the 3 ways of measuring light
    - flash light power compensation (exposure compensation dedicated to the flash)

    I believe you have a great idea and I cannot thank you enough to bring this live.
    It must be thousands of hours to build this !

    I wish you all the success you deserve.
    I’ll be a buyer .. for sure !


  • Tysonoshiro

    I love the feel and controls of this sim. As a former avid PC gamer, I find the controls intuitive and familiar. Will there be different lenses we could use? I’d also like to see people within a street scenario as a newbie street shooter. A GTA5-ish environment would be great for a free-roaming session as well as creating differnt project styles. Awesome product! I can’t wait to play/learn on the final product. Awesome!

  • washbcr

    very cool – with the very “gaming like” feel… will there be any chance of moving objects… motion blur?