Play the CameraSim 3D preview #2

Posted on July 10, 2014 by Jon Arnold

The newest CameraSim 3D preview is here! This preview contains several tweaks based on the feedback we received from our first preview (thank you!) as well as new, fully functional DSLR camera controls.


Try out the CameraSim 3D preview now!

I’ve had a few people ask about being able to skip the tutorial, so let me clarify: this preview IS the tutorial. The actual lessons and scenes will be in separate modules that I’m currently working on.

Here’s a quick run down of the features in this preview:

Camera controls

  • Exposure priority modes
  • ISO
  • Aperture
  • Shutter speed
  • Exposure compensation
  • White balance
  • On-camera flash
  • Tripod


  • Depth-of-field blur
  • Motion blur
  • Camera shake blur
  • Over/under exposure
  • Color grading from white balance setting


  • CHANGE: Added alternate keyboard controls for zooming and focusing for players without scroll wheels
  • CHANGE: Reduced camera shake
  • CHANGE: Removed the “wood planks” section (I had gone a little overboard with that part, sorry!)
  • CHANGE: C key toggles crouching instead having to hold down the C key to crouch
  • ADDED: Free roam mode, allowing players to take photos of whatever they want
  • FIX: Snapped photo does not suffer from reduced resolution
  • FIX: Focal length and focus scroll direction corrected on PC platforms (i.e. scrolling UP should zoom IN)

(There are many more enhancements on our list as a result of your feedback, but…in time.)

System requirements

  • A computer made within the last 3 years. (Older computers may work; we’re still documenting detailed system requirements.)
  • The free Unity plugin. The demo page will prompt you to download it if it is not already installed.

Known issues

  • The mouse wheel (or touchpad scrolling gesture) will not work in Safari. Either use a different browser or use the alternate keys described in the preview.
  • The mouse wheel (or touchpad scrolling gesture) is overly sensitive in Chrome.

Give this new preview a try, and then let us know what you think in the comments below!

  • Marco Rabadan

    This is awesome…would be great if you could Crouch at increments. i was trying to take a picture of the bottle straight on. I couldn’t.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Marco, I’m not satisfied w the crouching but I’m trying to keep things simple. But I’ll figure something out with that. Also, I love those specs on your dream lens! :)

      • Mike Driscoll

        It might be cool to play around with being able to unlock a “Dream Lens” after so many hours of gameplay and/or photographs taken. It would be a carrot to nudge learners along.

        • Meliok

          Personnaly, I see it differently. Choosing the right lens is part of the learning, so , beginning with a dream lens and unlocking “real” lenses through time seems more natural imo. Perhaps you could add challenges too : You have to choose at most 3 lenses (for example) in your backpack and have to take specific photos ( macro, landscape, portaits & so on … ). You could even be noted by other players at the end of your virtual trip !

    • muna0001

      I wanted to be able to lay on the ground to get a shot of the bottle with a nice lens flair behind it. I was able to finagle a sitting position shot but really wanted to lay down low.

  • JulianZH

    This is pretty good. The only thing I found annoying is the popping sound of the help/instruction window.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks, I hear you re: the “bloop” sounds…I’ll work on that.

  • GeekAndProud

    please add an option to skip the tutorial. I’m sure there are plenty of other experienced photographers/gamers out there that are fully competent with everything without the need to have hands held all the way.

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi, this entire module IS the tutorial. Lessons and other scenes will be in other modules.

      • GeekAndProud

        I meant the fact you’re forced to perform actions instead of being given the option to skip them

        • Jon Arnold

          ok I see, thanks.

      • exadeci

        I think that what he meant was that you could skip all the part without the camera that is boring when it’s not the first game you ever play.
        Plus being able to skip it all and just be able to shoot freely would be nice so we don’t have to play all the tutorial again everytime we want to play.

  • John

    Very good game, but it should have more manual settings teaching levels etc.

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi John, this is just the tutorial on how to use CameraSim. The actual scenes and lessons will be in other modules to come.

  • Bazajaytee

    Being a gamer and learner photographer, the crouch button really should be on Left CTRL. Having it on C feels counter intuitive as an FPS gamer.

    • Twiz

      I agree. I think the crouch button should be Left CTRL.

    • Rykerstaxx

      I fully agree, unless they plan to add (or already have) a sprint function.

      • Jon Arnold

        yep, forward + Shift to sprint

    • Jon Arnold

      I don’t disagree, but here is my challenge: left Ctrl only makes sense with WASD and non-gamers pretty well hate WASD…that has been the consistent observation from my testing. Thanks for the feedback.

    • Jeff Phillips

      I have another reason to use LCTRL…I accidentally hit “x” instead of “c” and it took me out of the sim and I had to start over. X and C are awfully close together. Great sim though!

  • Hayleys Frankenstein

    the design of the game is interesting. If something worth doing, it worth doing it right.
    i know this is the demo of the game. but i would love to see there’s different lens as options.
    users should able to pick prime and zoom. as in real world they might have different lens of choices.
    and it would be great to put in the idea of Macro , super Tele such things into the game. please also put in
    some iconic FAST PRIME in please.
    In a educational purpose it would be good to have these things put in the game.
    the control setting of the camera is a little odd.

    please also allow to put in other camera accessories such as flash diffusers

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Haylays, great suggestions. Can you elaborate more on the camera controls feeling odd? Still thinking through all that, thanks.

  • nathan

    i really liked it and injoyed it but it deffntly needs harder stuff

    • Jon Arnold

      Yes, this is just a preview. Thanks!

  • Walter

    Very Impressive to be an early preview, i would like to have the full version when you finished, i can imagine a classroom full of computers playing this, in the meanwhile meaby you can let the people snap more photos after the tutorial to practice. also looking forward to more cameras meaby 35mm films, greetings from Venezuela

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Walter!

  • Conrad

    For a first proof of concept it looks realy nice!!

    Focus and Zoom scroll are the wrong way arround, please give a reverse option. Mouse control is a little jumpy (is not due to processing power), please smooth out a little and give some more fine control on the start of a mouse movement.
    Ability to change FF/APS-C would be a nice to have.
    Different lenses is a must have.

    And a photoalbum (with e.g. Facebook share options) would be a big plus. I love to see (and compare) the results and eventualy share it with the world

    • Jon Arnold

      Great suggestions Conrad, thanks. Can you clarify what you saw for Focus and Zoom…scroll UP should have been zoom IN (closer) and F+scroll UP should have been focus FARTHER. Is that not what you saw?

      • Florian Sturm

        I noticed the same. Scrolling up on my Logitech G500 on Win7 in Chrome zooms out and scrolling downwards zooms in.

        And another thing, i quit the demo two times as i accidenial hit the x-Button instead of c. ESC would be better

  • Remus D

    Hi Jon, I have tried the demo. It was wonderful. I am a DSLR user myself and I thought that the simulation was pretty spot on. The FPS movement is similar to any other FPS game.. By the way, what is the long-run goal for this project? Is it going to be for educational purpose or a full featured adventure game? An online game where players could be “national geographic” photographers and upgrade their gears sound awesome!

    • Twiz

      That adventure idea is awesome. There should be a learning mode and adventure game.

    • Jon Arnold

      Remus, you are asking the million dollar question. :) My goal is to create a tool that helps as many people new to DSLRs and photography as possible. That might be a full game, but I’m concerned about the complexity of controls for non-gamers. Still feeling this out. Thanks for your feedback!

  • UA

    loved it!

    • Jon Arnold


  • Andrea Guidi

    Awesome! What a funny way to learn photography ;-) It’s also a great way to test out what a camera and/or a lens can do. Some possible additions you could consider…

    - What about adding selection of other lenses to choose from? (Kit lens is a bit boring after a while)
    - This tripod is ultra-portable, but how does IS affect shooting?
    - Photo album to check and compare results (or simply an option to download the images).
    - Metering and AF options
    - Grid overlay to exercise composition.
    - Choice between portrait and landscape format.
    - At least when using the tripod it would be nice to change the height.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks for those suggestions. Love them. Different metering modes might be tricky from a tech standpoint, but everything else is doable.

      • Meliok

        Metering is really important imo ! Hope you’ll manage to solve it :) ( after that, you’ll be able to write a real firmware :P )

        +1 for all suggestions :o)

  • Sasheen Dowlath

    Being both an FPS gamer, a DSLR photographer and having done some coding, I am really impressed with this and what you have achieved. This is something you could keep on expanding, adding different lenses, environments, filters, subjects etc. Being browser based, the game ran really well, however the scaling seemed a bit off as bits of the screen were cut out when NOT playing in fullscreen (minor problem) and I would have liked to see an option to select focus points. As someone pointed out, it would be nice to skip the initial part of the tutorial and go straight to the freeroam aspect, and for now, possibly 1 more room with a few props to give the demo a little more depth.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Sasheen, good feedback.

  • Patrik Engström

    Very nice job! Great for beginners! More lenses and filters would be great..

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks. Yep, more lenses are coming!

  • Alifarel Virya

    i like it, although it will be better if there’s focus modes and other lenses because in the preview, we only using 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 kit lens

    • Jon Arnold

      yep just starting with the most common. I will add at least two more lenses: 50mm prime and a 75-300 zoom.

  • Jon

    Wow off to a great start. Really great app for someone to start learning photography without the money. Keep it up. Thanks

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Jon.

  • Nobody

    Wow, I have to say, this is very impressive ! I’d like to know when approximatively the entier game will be release ? And if it will be possible to choose a large panel of camera and lenses :) Anyway, I can’t wait for the entier game, it will be so cool to gather two of my passions in one same thing.

    • Jon Arnold

      Yes, camera body and lens swapping has been a top request and I’ve already got much of that built, though I’m not sure when I’ll get it implement. We’re focused on just getting a basic version launched. Shooting for end of summer, but many thing are still up in the air. Stay tuned! Thanks for your interest.

  • tal shachar

    I have read all comments, so I want to suggest what to improve:
    1. I like Marco Rabadan’s idea about a dream lens from very wide to very telescopic and many F stops from very open to very small. Since it’s all virtual equipment without the limitation of physics and optics, you should go for one dream lens and not a pack of many lenses.
    2. I also like Conrad Idea that you save your pictures so you can share them, compare (side by side comparison would be great)
    3. bigger room with more objects like object one behind the other to practice depth of field. Also the ability to get out of the room to practice outdoor shooting at daylight, evening and night
    4. the ability to record what i’m doing (like CameraStudio) so I can make a video lesson about camera settings and then just trim out what I don’t want.
    5. change settings after shooting the picture (just like your paid version in CameraSim) which I also bought. so you see the picture changes while changing the settings without actually snap more pictures.

    I guess your free version will have just little more then what we see here and your paid version will have those things I suggested. I guess you have to think if you want your paid version to be downloadable or cloud so people will pay annual fee. Whatever you decide, I’ll go for your full paid version.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks for your ideas and feedback, Tal. The reason for the delay is not as much about trying to build the perfect product (though that is a disfunction I battle daily), it’s just needing to understand the basics of how people want to use this and building accordingly. But I hear your point about just shipping something and improving over time, thanks!

  • Matej Fotka

    There should be scenarios… like bar party with horrible low light or discotheque, where you should combine ambient light with flash, a wedding maybe in low light church. Car photo-shoot from a moving car where you’d use panning technique and get those blurry photos while the car is nice and crisp. A studio simulator where you could move around lights and put different modifier on them (softboxes, umbrellas,…), use a different amount of them. Some at the beach sunset scenarios with ND filter options for really long exposures. I could go on for ever here… there are so many different possibilities. :)

    • Mike Driscoll

      I too really enjoy the idea of scenerios, maybe instead called assignments. The ones that Matej Fotka gave are all things I have had to deal with as a real photographer after all. You could even have virtual clients that you have to impress (programmed with different likes and dislikes). Sim Coaster did this years ago.

      • Jon Arnold

        Ha “virtual clients” made me laugh just thinking about programming them to be really, really fussy. :)

    • Jon Arnold

      yep you’re thinking like I’m thinking. I’ll be chipping away at things like this over time. :)

      • Matej Fotka

        Oh, oh, and how about Medium Format cameras with gorgeous bokeh at wide angle? :)
        Drool, drool… :D

  • a guy


    • Jon Arnold

      :) thanks

  • Andreas Zeevaert

    very nice :-)
    love camerasim since a long time and already recommended it to a lot of beginning fellow photographers. but this 3D camerasim is really awesome !
    to be able to save shots in the profile-portfolio and compare shots with others would be a great feature.

    thank you Jon to provide us with this awesome tool to learn photography.
    i am really looking forward to the final product !
    the very best regards,

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Andreas, thanks for the feature ideas (and the support and encouragement!)

  • Christopher Gundersen

    very cool game. graphics are quite nice. defenatly for a browser app. and the camera physsics are very realistic. looking forward to see the final ressult :)

    • Jon Arnold


  • Tony Moore

    I would like to be able to choose which camera I use Like the Nikon D3000 or something like that

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Tony, I’ve had a lot of requests for this so it’s on my list.

      • Meliok

        Hmmm…well. It’s said that the camera is not important, it’s the photographer ! So, no need to choose a brand ( and you’ll have probably to pay a fee to Canon and Nikon for using their names … )

        Nethertheless, different lenses are indeed highly wanted :o)

  • Luka

    This game is great! I can not wait for the full version! Congratulations!

  • zachary

    how about jumping

    • Jon Arnold

      I’m leaving jumping out for now just to keep the number of controls down (which are already feeling like too many)

  • Twiz

    I think you should be able to change camera so you can learn with a high end DSLR or a point and shoot and you should be able to swap lens. Great game and tool so far. Keep up the great work.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks. I’ve already got lens swapping mostly done, so that’s definitely coming.

  • Rykerstaxx

    C+mouse wheel to crouch at different levels (suggested below) would be amazing.

    Going prone.

    Also I wanted to shoot a portrait of the camerasim girl. So in due time if I could rotate the camera. That would be lovely.

    • Jon Arnold

      Yeah it’s killing me that there is no portrait option. That’s at the top of my to-do list.

  • randymoe

    The door would not open. Mac AIR 11 Mavericks 4gb ram on WIFI

    • Jon Arnold

      This first door? Did you make a couple visual turns around the room?

  • BoxOfSnoo

    Amazing! I would have liked to get up on some of the boxes to get a higher angle on some of the items.

  • Gasport

    Sorry, but could not even get through the closing door so I could not even use the sim. Why not just go to the instructional part of the sim. No need for games. I am just interested in learning how to better use my Nikon DSLR camera….

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks for this. You’re not the first to express this, and it’s got me wondering to what extent “first-person shooter” is the best approach. As sure as I am that it IS for some, I’m sure it ISN’T for others. I’m also exploring other manifestations of this that would be more structured and way simpler (but less freedom to run around and do whatever).

      Anyone else have opinions on this?

      • Micah Harshbarger

        I can see how many would want to just get into taking photos and not want a crash course in 3D gaming. However, if all you want is a camera tutorial, there are tons of those out there already. Also, once a person gets to learning the camera controls, I think they will start wanting to explore the program more and experiment on their own, and at that point suddenly realize they have no idea how to move around. You are using the keyboard and mouse to control the camera, a couple controls to move your vantage point around is just as important. That being said, the need to run might not be a very important aspect of learning photography unless you have a photojournalism tutorial. ;)

  • Truelight

    Not sure of the value of the preliminaries to get into the “playing field.” Perhaps you’re using this to teach people how to use the interface? I’m hopeful I won’t have to go through all of that after the first use. The “first person” look is unique, but sometimes gets in the way of what it is you’re trying to accomplish and that’s to teach people the basic workings of their camera. Having to walk from place to place seems a waste of time. I’d simply like to be able to go directly to each location/problem with a multiple choice option. Your first Camera Sim version was brilliant and simple. Here, the glitz seem to gets in the way of the basic concept IMHO.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks for this feedback, Truelight. This and other similar comments has got me thinking…

  • meshif

    Coming along pretty good so far but I’m another one who thinks crouch should be left CTRL. I agree with the suggestion of holding the crouch button and using the mouse wheel to adjust your camera height, that would be great for a game like this. Also, you should include an option to skip the movement tutorial as many people will already know how to move in PC games.

    I said this in the comments for v1 and I’m gonna say it again. You should submit this to the Steam Greenlight program. This is awesome compared to some of the garbage that got accepted to it already and I’m sure it would be nice to make a few bucks from the game

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks for that feedback Meshif!

  • fyzz08

    great update
    when do you plan releasing it ?

    • Jon Arnold

      We’re shooting to release a basic version by end of summer. (fingers crossed)

  • Boogietek

    Excellent!!! I’m sure my sons will learn photography real fast!

    • Jon Arnold


  • Michael Maitzen

    I tried your 2nd demo and did fine until the focus exercise. The first time, with manual focus, the picture turned out blurry. I thought it might be because the mouse moved the picture and I am clicking on the mouse. But, even though the picture was a blur it said I was fine. Then in the auto focus part I was having the same problem and this time it knew it. But I finally got a clean shot and it insisted it was blurry. I am adding a screen shot so you can see what I mean.
    I also think the full screen of this is too big for my screen. There are scroll bars. Not a big deal but it would be good if it could be resized. You can probably see that in the screen shot as well.

    • TehObLiVioUs

      “The Soda Machine ……is out of focus.” I got that wrong at first also. They mean focus on the soda MACHINE not the soda bottle. So just focus/autofocus on the background where the machine is :P

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Michael, as TehObLiVioUs noted, this looks right to me; the soda MACHINE is out of focus, thus that particular feedback. But, good to know that this is a source of confusion and not clear enough. Also, it’s very helpful to see the resolutions/scrollbar issue…thanks so much for reporting.

  • iDev247

    I like it.

    Two suggestions:

    1. You probably thought about this scenario already but for crouch what I was thinking: When you press C (or Ctrl like other people suggested) the first time you do a full crouch. You don’t need to hold C (or Ctrl). When you press it again it goes back up (like what’s there right now). However if you press and hold C (or Ctrl) it goes down but lets you select the height with the scroll wheel (or , .). Once you let go of C (or Ctrl) it goes back up. When you press C (or Ctrl) again it goes back down to the last height you set it at. I know this might be a bit more complex. You can start by explaining the way you did in the tutorial. Later int he tutorial you could add the scroll wheel.

    2. When there’s a full screen message about the next step or an error in the picture I’d be nice to have a keyboard shortcut to continue. Spacebar to continue. Esc to cancel/go back.

    • Jon Arnold

      Great feedback, thanks a ton.

  • Matangra Mat

    VERY nice ! I like everything on this tutorial and I’m anxious to see the full product when it ready. My only note would be about the sensibility of the movements… maybe a problem with my browser or mouse… but kind of move to fast sideways and ups and downs… using Firefox and Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 on a Mac Mini i7.

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Matangra, was it just moving around, or were other controls (like zooming and focusing) too sensitive also?

      • Matangra Mat

        Hi Jon, I tried in Safari and it gets a little better aiming. I then change to my MacBook Pro and try with the trackpad in both: Safari and Firefox and I think is just a matter of get use to it to improve the aiming… however it’s a bit messy to focus in both browsers using “shift + ” because the trackpad kind of keep moving or changing the zoom at the same time…

        Other suggestion… could have a way to jump the basic training or externd the possibility of practicing after the end of the tutorial… it’s kind of annoying have to go all the way again to test it.

        • Jon Arnold

          Thanks so much for that additional info.

  • Mike Driscoll

    As with the first iteration of the Camera Sim 3D preview, Things are looking very well. I noticed many things that I (and many others) suggested have been improved quite a lot. I really appreciate being able to go into the controls now and fidget. Will there eventually be keyboard shortcuts to set many of these preferences on the fly? Maybe you could even introduce a program mode to save our most used settings?

    I also really like the way auto-focus works, I think it is very intuitive. It would be nice to allow users to toggle off the auto-focus beep, an instead have a red dot in the upper left hand corner to indicate that focusing has occurred. You might even work this into the game having characters “flinch” changing expressions when they hear the beep or spooking wildlife. Likewise, the ability to turn down the audio on other slightly annoying sound effects such as the text bloops would be appreciated.

    Another suggestion that I have is giving small items such as the cones a hit state so that they fall over when you run into them. This might allow for more manipulation of certain scenes.

    The last thing that I noticed is while some items are optimised for zooming in on (the bottle, the fruit, the metal boxes) others are not (the duct tape/photos allowed sign, the soda machine) and thus become pixelated when you get close up. If possible, any item of interest should be optimized for up close shooting.

    Overall though, I think this is a big step forward from the last version! I can’t wait to see more in the next installment!

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Mike for your always-helpful feedback. Re: the pixelization you’re seeing on some items, that’s me trying to keep the download size reasonable. I’ll keep working on trying to find the right balance.

  • Perry Bailey

    I like this program, it’s a good exercise to learn the different functions of a DSLR. It might be a little confusing for those who don’t shoot with a Canon camera where their selection dial has Auto, P, A, S, M modes on their camera such as a Nikon, but if they look up the Av and Tv modes, they will find they mean aperture and shutter priority mode, and just have to remember what those modes mean. Other than that, I think they are good to go.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks, I know what you mean. I’ve been considering a Nikon view as an option.

  • Gamer678

    It’s great but it’s too short :/

    • Jon Arnold

      Yep this is just a preview, thanks.

      • Daniel Goené

        When will the full version be released?

  • Muhammad Farooqi

    nice and excellent kind of camera training guide. but.. there must be some skip tutorial button. I tried to click C but accidently clicked X and all i need to start again ..again and again.
    I think.. instead of X use some other shortcut key to exit . .may be backspace?
    2ndly.. I’ve been working for Unity modeling, and what I know you must have an option to select “low quality, medium or higher quality” graphics. because looking through viewfinder, my laptop starts weeping :P
    3rd.. what about different resolution? in my Macbook, full screen browser is required to preview CameraSim.

    • Jon Arnold

      Can you tell me more about your mac specs? I’m really trying to get a handle on what type of hardware the wheels start to fall off. The performance hit your seeing through the viewfinder is due to the depth-of-field effect…the quality settings don’t have much impact on that unfortunately.

      • Muhammad Farooqi

        well.. it’s quite old, i’m using mbp : c2d-2.5, 2GB, It’s slow but i just use it for IOS/Android development.
        I mean to say .. through viewfinder, I can’t zoom+/- quickly, or focus doesn’t respond.


  • TehObLiVioUs

    1. change x button (to exit game) to another key because sometimes I forget that’s used to exit (and then I have to restart)
    2. different lenses – I have been wanting this.. I would really like a bokehlicious lens like a 50mm 1.8 and see all the bokeh
    3. skip tutorial option – since whenever I open game.. I already know how to play it.
    4. more things to shoot?

    • Jon Arnold

      Good feedback, thanks. And “bokehlicious” made me laugh. ;) Unfortunately simulating bokeh adds a performance hit and requires certain hardware.

      • TehObLiVioUs

        ya digitalrevTV haha (photography youtube channel), but ohh well if somehow we can get bokeh that’d be awesome, even though it makes things slow

      • TehObLiVioUs

        I want to go thru that door in the shooting room, I saw there’s a cone so I take it you’re doing something with that soon.

  • TehObLiVioUs

    Last thing is when going full screen it feels a bit low res, so if we can scale up the resolution when you go full screen that’d be awesome.

    • Jon Arnold

      When you say fullscreen, are you referring to when the camera comes up and you’re looking through the viewfinder?

      • TehObLiVioUs

        nah I mean when you right click on the game window and you can go fullscreen

        It says “Go Fullscreen” or something like that, I like it but it looks kinda low resolution

        • Jon Arnold

          Oooh, I thought I disabled that right-click fullscreen option because, yeah, it looks terrible!

          • TehObLiVioUs

            ah ok, I like the immersion like a normal PC game (being fullscreen) but ya since it’s not very good looking. Thanks.

          • Jon Arnold

            I like that too and when I figure out how to implement it properly i’ll put a control somewhere to enable full screen mode like on my current 2D camera sim.

  • Martinho Hoffman

    Looks very interesting! But on some bits, it was a little hard to find out just exactly what the game wanted me to do.

    Needs clearness, but looks like a great tool.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Martinho, appreciate the feedback.

  • Sandra Thompson

    Not being a gamer, I found this quite complicated. Rather than saying ‘Stuff’ for the fruit and ball shoot – how about fruit and ball – I found I was trying to take photos of the trunks. Eventually got there anyhow!

    • Jon Arnold

      ohgoodgrief…I actually meant to change “stuff” to something more specific like you mentioned. Sorry, and thanks for pointing this out. Sandra, would you mind sharing more of the “non gamer” perspective? I’m a bit disheartened by how complicated the controls turned out to be for non-gamers. Is it engaging to be able to move around in 3D environment or would you prefer to have a way simpler experience even if that meant LESS control? Thanks for any additional input you can provide.

      Any other non-gamers, chime in…

  • Joao Afonso

    Beautiful..Nice Job!!!

    • Jon Arnold


  • JoyfulTurtle

    I love it, I think it’ll help with new photographers! I love the idea of combining a camera and gaming, looking forward to the game!

    • Jon Arnold


  • Mike

    Very nice work, hope there will be more to this photography game. The camera shake is a lot better.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Mike, yeah I toned down the camera shake quite a bit. :)

  • Nicholas Reuper

    As someone who teaches photography to young teens, I feel that this would be a great addition to the curriculum. Combining video games, and photography education, I cannot wait for this to be done.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Nicholas.

  • Carlos Rodríguez Muñoz

    Simply awesome !! I was waiting for this second test. Really good ! At the moment there’s nothing to change ! Thanks a lot !!!

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Carlos.

  • Michael Maitzen

    I saw my previous mistake and I got past the focus part this time. Everything seemed to work well except I still could not take a focused picture in the focus example. I did it twice and still got blurry pictures like the camera moved. But when I went back during the open session I did not have that problem. Can’t explain it.
    I assume you are putting more situations in the master version. I look forward to seeing how this comes out.

    • Jon Arnold

      Michael, I can’t explain that either but I’ll look into it and see if I can recreate that issue. Yes, more exercises will be in the full version or other modules.

  • Micah Harshbarger

    I brought up two points that were critical for me for the first version. I was rather sad that neither issues were fixed. This entire program is useless to me without an inverted axis. Another issue was that the scroll wheel controls don’t respond to my mac mouse. You added keyboard controls which was nice, but sadly, they don’t work on the focusing, so my only option is to use auto focus.

    As far as controls such as WASD and the crouch button, I would suggest, like any gaming platform, to have a couple different control layouts that the user can choose from, such a standard layout using arrow keys and the C key for crouching, and then another layout using WASD and Cntl for crouching, as well as the option to invert axis as every gamer i know uses that setup.

    I understand the need for simplicity at the beginning and look forward to seeing continued development of this program. I myself am a long time gamer, professional photographer, as well as teacher, so the whole idea of this brings most all of my worlds together in one. :)

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Micah, you should be able to use your keyboard to focus: Shift + “,” or “.” (Same as focal length, in other words but just add the Shift key). Let me know if that is not working for you. Are you using Safari by chance? If so, that is the culprit for not being able to use your scroll wheel, as Safari does not relinquish those controls to embedded apps unfortunately.

      Sorry about the lack of inverted axis; I’m sure that’s maddening. If I continue down this “first person shooter” route with CameraSim, inverting the axis will need to be an option. Thanks for that input.

  • Jai

    there could be a gun to kill other players in an online lobby whom are trying to take photos.

  • muna0001

    this is awesome. Only thing that was a little laggy for me was when I was in the camera view. Im running on a macbook pro with Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB graphics card with 16 gigs of ram and an 2.4 GHz i5 processor.

  • Jbert1949

    Revision is better, so glad the boards were gone. Wish my optical mouse did better, so hard to move little distances.

  • Meliok

    Yep, better than first one :)

    Crouch should be “incremental” to have the option to frame correctly vertically.

    White Balance seems correct, blur the same regarding to shutting speed. This is interesting :o)

    Perhaps aperture and speed could be changed with a combination of key and mouse wheel too … ( opening menu is not intuituve).

    Perhaps a key to hold breath too ? (Tripod is not always necessary)

  • Brian44

    CameraSim has lost the value of a teaching tool…with this game-style idea interface…why do we need to play games?

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Brian, would mind sharing more? Are you an instructor or someone learning photography?

      • Brian44

        Yes. I regularly teach “digital camera controls” courses at an older adult centre. They have little intuitive connection to this type of gaming. Myself, I couldn’t even get through the intro to evaluate any camera simulations. So I gave up. I think they would too. I am looking for alternative cam sims now.

  • Jaap Tanis

    The program is awesome but I find the movement of the camera to sensible. Trying to set the lens in the right direction is to hard in my opinion. I am not a gamer and that might be the reason?!

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Jaap, I am very interested in the impressions from non-gamers, so I appreciate your feedback.

  • René Stout

    Awesome! I am not a gamer, so I use the arrow keys and the mouse. You did a great job! It’s all very realistic. I use it on a Windows machine right now. I hope it works on Linux, too.

  • Veteran-Cookie

    I like it :3 I think thats perfect.

  • Marcelo Alcantara

    Fantastic!!! I loved it

  • Eric Heymans

    I provided feedback on the previous version. Still the same . :)
    Anyway, I’ve a question : will your 3D simulator be available as a standalone version (PC and/or Mac) ?

  • Gruena Kung

    Was quite funny, but the Camera Zooming should be exactly opposite like in every Shooter. Also I want to play further, but you just ended my game, you monster! xD

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Gruena, what do you mean the zooming was opposite? Was scrolling up not zooming in closer?

      • Gruena Kung

        Correct, scrolling up is zooming out. BTW it’s also annoying that I can’t run/crouch before it is needed, that feels totally restrictive. Whoever comes up with such an idea…

        • Jon Arnold

          Are you on Mac or Windows? Your scrolling is indeed flip-flopped. Re: the “restrictive” run/crouch, it’s just because this is a training level. Actual levels would have everything available from the start.

          • Gruena Kung

            Using Windows with Firefox.. can’t imagine that Unity is mixing up GetInputAxis() on different platforms.

  • Robert Maier

    Scrolling with the mouse always moves the current viewpoint down to the bottom. When changing focus and when changing zoom. If i do this functions with the keyboard and not with the mousewheel the current viewpoint doesn’t change. It stays where it was.

    • Jon Arnold

      If you’re using Safari, this is unfortunately something I can’t fix (which is why I added the keyboard controls). Firefox and Chrome work, however.

  • hfvienna

    Great stuff here, now if you get magic mouse working with scrollwheel its almost perfect

    • Jon Arnold

      Are you using Safari? If so, that’s what causes the scrolling problem. My magic mouse works great in Firefox, and to a lessor extent, Chrome.

  • greever

    I think it is really great to play with the manual camera settings.
    Perhaps you could include some more moving objects (flowing water) to experiment with shutter timings!

  • Martin Vetr

    please change the x for exiting the scene, on the german keyboard layout the x is where the y is on the english layout. this leads to sometimes hitting the x when you want to crouch or step back.

    • Jon Arnold

      Oh boy, thanks for the heads up w that. I wanted to use “Esc” but this key is reserved by the browser. At the very, least I can put a “are you sure you want to exit” prompt.

  • Torsten

    Works very good! I love the sim.

  • Karl-Heinz Müller

    Looks good. Now, I would like to select a specific Camera model and play with all the bells and whistles.

  • Fotograf Andreas Kitze

    Nice way, in to learn by gaming.

  • Max

    this is a funny game i like it

  • sb

    Cool … But definately add an option to Switch the vertical mouse movement. I’m used the other way round and changing this habit is neary impossible.

    • Jon Arnold

      I’ve gotten this request a few times from you “inverted” folks ;) I’ll find a way to work that in.

  • C Sab

    I notice that when taking the shots the image will look focused, then when I take the hot it won’t be focused at all but the game will say it’s focused and tell me to move on to the next part.

    Also, the Free Roam seemed to end automatically.

    • Jon Arnold

      I’ve noticed this too. The blur you’re seeing is likely camera shake blur, yet the feedback is only evaluating whether the focus distance was correct. So, it’s something I need to smooth out. Thanks for the report!

  • Mary Kay Myrmel

    Great camera shooting, not sure that I like the gaming maze at the beginning. Maybe have a way to skip that on additional times into the sim. I was amazed that you could show and shoot different depth of field. I tried to crouch to shoot straight on to the beach ball, but it had me much lower. Not being a gamer, I wasn’t used to wasd and would have preferred the arrow keys.
    Thanks for all the work you put into this program!

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks for that feedback!

  • John Gilbert

    All these comments are great but my question is if this is being developed for gamers or for teaching BEGINNING photography? If teaching beginners is the main theme, then this sim as-is, is awesome. I do think that being able to crouch could help students develop composition but it is not a killer. Once the student knows the basics some actual field work instruction with camera-in-hand, will take care of the rest. I have used your original simulator for the past couple of years in my beginning photo classes or at various photo club meetings. Going to use it this October at a club meeting. This puts visualization to verbal instruction. I definitely want the 3D simulator. Great Job.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks John!

  • oscarenfotos

    I’d like to change the light quantity (e.g. dim indoor, cloudy, etc.) with the girl scene or having a moving subject in other scenes. It will be nice to have variable speed objects. And finally it would be nice to skip the initial demo every time, it’s ok the first time but not every single time you want to use it. Yes, I know it’s a demo, but it’s kind of annoying to have to go through the whole tutorial.

  • bob jimenez

    I liked the game. for me being able to invert the mouse would really help. the focus isn’t extremely sharp but it is good enough to understand the control. the manual mode was fine, would like to see controls to adjust the tripod because this is something not easily learned. The trial was too short to completely get a grasp of the game, hopefully a longer version will be released soon. Thanks for taking the time to make the game was enjoyable and will help the novice understand camera controls.