CameraSim Pro is here

Posted on August 15, 2016 by Jon Arnold

I’m super pleased to announce that CameraSim Pro for Mac and Windows is finally here.

CameraSim Pro

What is CameraSim Pro?

CameraSim Pro is a DSLR camera simulator built with 3D game technology. It allows photography instructors to demonstrate composition and exposure in a fun, immersive 3D environment.

Take a look at some in-app video footage, or see how CameraSim Pro compares to the original CameraSim. And if you’re really curious, check out the online User Guide.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded and tested the preview versions over the past year and provided such helpful feedback. (Keep it coming.)

What’s the plan for the original CameraSim?

When I started this journey of using 3D gaming technology to simulator a DSLR camera, my intent was to build a bigger-badder replacement for my original CameraSim. (Hence the “CameraSim 2″ moniker used previously.)

That line of thinking was pure rubbish.

The original CameraSim still enjoys a healthy user base of instructors and students that prefer a simpler app — so I say long live the original CameraSim! In fact, in the very near future I’ll be showing it a little love by bringing it back to Android smartphones and tablets.