CameraSim 3D Sneak Peek

Posted on May 29, 2014 by Jon Arnold

Sometimes, I just want to get back behind the lens of my camera. But other times, all of the hours of building behind the computer screen pay off.

We’re almost ready to release CameraSim 3D. Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ve created so far…

So, what do you think?

I’d love to get your feedback on some of the NEW CameraSim 3D features:

Let Your Imagination Run Wild in Inspiring Places


Look, I get it. We can’t always take a romp in the woods or explore an abandoned castle. That’s why we focus on making every level of CamerSim 3D exciting, moving, or just plain crazy.

What kinds of places would you want to explore with your camera in a virtual world inside CameraSim 3D?

Bring Your Shots to Life with Realistic Lighting

Wouldn’t it be awesome if it were always the golden hour?

Well, we can create levels in CameraSim 3D that simulate the Golden Hour 24/7… 365. But we can also simulate just about any other lighting scenario.

As you saw in the video above, we’ve already designed candlelight, outdoor lighting, and multi-point incandescent. And you’ll be able to shoot them all with or without your flash.

Do you want to be able to control the lighting yourself? What looks the most fun to you?

Capture Wild Moments with Engaging Characters


Characters give our photos a story. We designed our CameraSim stories to include fascinating people, wildlife, and even alien lifeforms.

What’s awesome about exploring within the virtual world is that you can practice your photography skills while shooting things you’d normally never see.

Do you want to take a photo of an elephant stampede while on an African safari? Well, we can design that experience for you!

How about a barbarian riding a unicorn? We can do that, too.

What people and animals would you like to capture in CameraSim 3D?

Master Your Camera and Skills with Exciting Missions

It’s time to bring out your inner James Bond because there’s a lot we want to accomplish.

Each level in CameraSim 3D will have its own missions that will let you flex your photography muscles (and have some fun while you’re at it).

So, what have you always wanted to learn with digital photography? What mission have you always wanted to go on?

Let me know in the comments! If you can dream it, we can build it.

  • lookaphoto

    Looks really great !!! Congrats !!! ;-)

  • akeippela

    Cool concept. This would make a fantastic “first person shooter” video game, with specific tasks, and grades for technical merits of photos.

    • Jon Arnold

      Yep, that’s what we’re eyeing :)

  • Chad Westover

    This is really amazing. Love the concept. I think it would be great if a photographic studio could be one of the locations/levels. Not sure how practical it would be to have a cage of studio lighting available for users but wow, that would be exactly what I am looking for to give online students.

    • Jon Arnold

      Chad you’re reading my mind. I’m not sure where it will be on the roadmap (so I don’t know when yet) but a virtual lighting studio is a no-brainer. :)

  • Denis Germain

    Look fun, but I wish I could try it to give you REAL feedback.

    • Jon Arnold

      Understood! Look for a playable demo very soon.

  • Stephan Ainley

    I can’t wait! I’ve always been a fan of night time long exposures. I’m not sure how much work that would be with your engine but having a city at night with moving cars would be an awesome location to shoot. Great practice for intentional blurring or getting the shutter speed up for more crisp shots.

    • Stephan Ainley

      Any options for editing and/or sharing the photos online at the moment?

      • Jon Arnold

        Not at the moment, but it’s on our wish list. Thanks for adding a +1 to that! :)

  • Sergio Savarese


  • stella

    Great idea! Congrats!

  • Feroz Khan

    Cool idea mate

  • Tamy Allinson Fitts

    Can’t wait to use it! Great idea!

  • Robin Tucker

    Way to go….very very cool with soooo many possibilities!!!

  • Diego

    Very impressive. I can’t wait the final release. It will be a nice help in photography classes! great work, Jon!

  • Ray Bilcliff

    It looks like a full photography course to me, awesome.

  • Mike Driscoll

    This looks like it has been a real success! I can’t wait to try out the real thing. Is there a portfolio area in the game to show off your images? Can the images from multiple shooters be collected in a central place for teachers to conduct critiques with students?

    Also, when will this be available for teachers to use, and how much is it going to cost? I am giving a talk on exciting new technologies that art teachers should start to use at next years Wisconsin Art Education Association Conference and hopefully at the National Art Education Association convention as well. I would love to share this with a broad audience for you. Send me an e-mail if you are interested

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Mike. We’ll definitely be looking into what “community” features people would find useful, especially those related to instructors and students We’re still working through our pricing model, so sorry I don’t have any info on that yet. Re: your conference, I’d love to get some exposure to an audience like that. I’ll shoot you an email with my contact info. Thanks!

  • Mick Hanson

    Looks good would like to see some ocean shots maybe even some underwater shots too

  • Hunckler

    I’d love to shoot some historic scenes like battles, the signing of the Gettysburg Address, etc. It would be cool to recreate that experience and shoot it using all of the DSLR features that weren’t available back then.

  • John Doe

    The idea of ​​perfect! Only the music would change to a more relaxing.
    If the next films will be such a lot to learn. Congratulations to the idea and execution.

  • ammar malik

    This looks really good can’t wait to play around with it

  • Де Сахаров

    Hi, Jon. That 3d camerssim is brilliant and it will help a lot to explain some photography tricks during my on-line photo-lessons

  • Athula Siriwardhane

    Love it.. Can’t wait..

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Athula!

  • DeerSpotter

    Can we upload our own photos and use that technology?

    • Jon Arnold

      Sorry, no, all of the scenes have to be 3D modeled and programmed specifically for CameraSim. I wish I could do user-uploads!

  • shaun

    this in animated and not the real thing

    what and how will it look when we use it to take fashion shoots and action stuff, like motor X…?

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Shaun, this video is actual in-app footage and the app is used to learn photography techniques.

      • shaun

        ok thanks for the info
        will look out for more info
        sounds interesting for teaching as well

  • Cadu

    Really cool ideia!
    I think you already have it, but it’ll be really cool if it have a day and night mission.

    Hope to see it running soon!

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Cadu. I’ve got it set up for low light but not night time yet. That’ll be coming though!

  • ingi

    This look very promising. I am looking forward to get an hand on it. It could be an idea to have vision in soccer games or other sport events as well. There is a lot of action going on and it would be interesting to see how the sim camera would handle that. Also I would like to see birds, both still and flying.

    • Dale Garvey

      I just wrote a paragraph and then tried to register which appeared to delete my words.

      I support Ingi comments. I have been asked to help the grandparents in our over 55 community take photos of their grand kids. I plan to use a cheap lens that most people have or could get. Maybe you should also include a cell phone. I am looking to shoot a t-ball game this weekend. Examples should be normal sporting events like soccer, baseball and basketball below the high school level. I see very few kids today taking high school level images. Maybe a separate package for high school photo classes would be useful. Good luck.

      • Jon Arnold

        Thanks for comments, Dale. I love the idea of a sporting event. And as my own kids approach high-school age, the idea of creating lessons specifically for that demographic makes a lot of sense.

    • Jon Arnold

      Great suggestions. Thanks Ingi!

  • Thyago Freitas

    Muito Show! Gostei d+++++ vai ser muito útil para mim :D
    Estão de parabéns ;)

    • Jon Arnold

      Graças Thyago!

  • Simon Gummer

    This looks great, already loved the current version and use as part of my teaching. Two questions ; will the light meter always give a perfect shot if balanced to 0? I.e in the real world there are many occasions when you want to deliberately under or over expose, due to various lighting or colours, eg black cat on white bed, sunsets etc. I don’t want my students to think that balanced always 100% = perfect.
    Will there be a charge for this? If so, how much and will there be an educational discount?

    Many thanks

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Simon. I’m with you on the exposure thing. Light meters are great, but they have to assume a lot and sometimes those assumptions are wrong. The light meter in CameraSim will be basic at first but so will the scene lighting. I plan on doing a dedicated lighting module where the lighting is trickier — where you need to use exposure compensation, for example — and I’ll pimp out the light meter to handle that stuff as accurately as possible.

      As far as pricing, we’re kicking around a couple different models…stay tuned! :)

  • NotYourAvgJoe

    Would love to get a demo for review
    Love the video. Looks like a great teaching tool!

    • Jon Arnold

      Watch for an online demo coming very soon! :)

  • Sarah Holmes

    Hi Jon! Looks great – use the current version with my students but will be cool that we will be able to do so much more – helps so much getting them to see what difference the settings make – especially when not able to just go and try out straight away! Like all the different scenarios. Keep up the great work! Thank you :)

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Sarah!

  • Luis

    if it would be possible to force to take a picture in each environment, what the teacher before has selected, then we can make exercices. If the shots can save like jpg files on the hard disk, to can watch them after, then we can valorate the results. It would be great!

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Luis, we don’t have functionality like that right now, but we’re looking very carefully at future functionality that is specifically for students and teachers. Thanks for your input!

  • Mike Ritchie

    Wow that is great hope it come with subtitle for deaf people too

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Mike, yes, all game-to-user communication is text based. This was mainly to allow it to be localized into other languages, but I’m thrilled to realize this also serves those with hearing impairments.

  • Anita Thuna


    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Anita!

  • Frank Dawson

    Cannot wait

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Frank!

  • Louise C. Cloud

    Looking good Jon!

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Louise!

  • Ken Schuster

    If the new version is as brilliant as the video, it will be the “go-to” application for every photography course in the world.

    Peoples’ faces appears to be the primary subject of the billions of images made
    around the world every day. I suggest that you have an in-depth section
    on that, such as the effect of focal length and subject distance, back
    lighting, color bounce from surrounding surfaces, managing direct sun,
    fill light, indoor color balance, etc.

    Also, some cameras might still have manual focus capability (gasp!), and showing how to use that could motivate some beginners to learn more advanced techniques.

    • Jon Arnold

      Excellent points and suggestions, Ken, thanks for that! A lighting lesson and portrait lesson are at the top of my list of lessons we’ll be rolling out later this year based on the new CameraSim. I’ve already done some focal length tests with a 3D character’s face and the effects are exactly those of the real world. I can’t wait to work that into a lesson!

  • Ted Squire

    Love the new features. We’ll thought out. Do you want beta testers?

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Ted. We’re going to be releasing a basic online demo very soon and using that as our beta test.

  • cinestan

    Looks good. Will new locations be added over time?

    • Jon Arnold

      Yes, we’re going to be releasing new lessons over time, and each lesson will have a new scene suited for that lesson.

  • Eta76

    Have been thinking about this myself, but never found the time. Looks really cool.

    Maybe you can add an additional ‘top view’ when in camera snapshot mode. The you could show the camera frustum of the snapshot view in the additional top view. That way students get a better 3D image of the different Field of Views, when changing lens size (18mm or 150mm)

    Low lights shots would be cool. To be able to show that a less steady hand can make really bad pictures at low light. (Bungy cam like) And even show the lens stabilization features. They help a still scene, but can’t help low light moving objects.

    I own a Oculus Rift. Which would be cool to support. That way you can get a feeling of what walking in the woods look like, and how tiny the view is, when looking through the view finder. Or even show the actual Fov of the lens. So when using the fisheye lens, you use the full Oculus view, when using the 300mm lens, you just see a tiny view.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks for those ideas! I’ve already got low-light and camera shake blur working, but I don’t have lens stabilization yet…it’s on my list though. It’s actually already ready for it since my camera shake blur and object motion blur are programmed as separate processes.

      Oculus Rift…*drool*…I know my 3D engine supports it, so I’m pretty excited about the future with that.

  • Heidi Anne Morris

    Brilliant Jon :) shared on Google Plus for others to see and comment ♥ Great creation for learning x

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Heidi, I appreciate you sharing that with your network!

      • Heidi Anne Morris

        Pleasure, it looks like you’ve put a lot of time into that Jon, best of luck with the launch x

  • Adam Malisheski

    This would be a great download for any of the major gaming systems.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Adam, you can probably tell that CameraSim has been “game-inspired” :)

  • Evan Coppola

    This looks fantastic. The original has been very useful, but this will be a huge step forward. I can’t wait to use it with my students.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Evan!

  • Ray Armstrong

    Looks great Jon. Would like to see some night sky ideas. I will be trying to get some good shots of Northern Lights in Finland next year and could do with some tips and tricks. So far, my night sky photography efforts have been disappointing.

    • Jon Arnold

      Great suggestion, Ray. Honestly, I’ve not tested/calibrated this new version of CameraSim for nighttime shots yet, but I know this is a big mystery to many photographers. So, we’ll need to tackle this one for everyone’s benefit (including my own). In the meantime, make sure you’re using a tripod, have your lens at its widest setting, and using a long shutter speed. That’s where I start and I shoot several long shutter speeds (15 to 30 seconds each) at different ISO settings. Something in there usually turns out nicer than the others.

      Anyone else have nighttime shooting tips?

      • Ray Armstrong

        Thanks Jon. Good tips, I’ll give them a try next time. Keep up the great work with CameraSim, brilliant software.

  • Karsten Bruun Qvist

    Far out!! Looks awsome – can’t wait so experience how navigation works :-)

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Karsten. We’ll have a demo online soon and I’m very much looking forward to hearing how people respond to the navigation and moving around in a 3D environment.

  • Colleen

    This looks like a fun and great way to practice photography skills! Can’t wait till it is released!

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Colleen!

  • Debs

    Thanks Jon,
    Looking forward to help in low light intenisities. Composition is an area I’d like to improve on so if you if can add comments on this I’d be even more grateful
    I use you app quite a lot at present so additions will be great thanks

    • Jon Arnold

      Debs, the first module we are rolling out is all about Composition! That as so fundamental to photography we decided to make that the first one, even though it’s the hardest to articulate some times.

  • Debs

    Yes cost is an issue … Hopefully the new additions are part of the app .we’ve paid for?

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Debs, actually, this is a new app and not a continuation of the existing app, which we’ll continue to sell. We’ll of course offer some sort of discount to existing customers, however.

  • Steve Gait

    It’s looking good, with the opportunity to stop, go back and replay, to check camera settings.
    Looking forward to seeing it for real, then to have a play with it

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Steve, we’ll have a playable demo online soon!

  • Chocolate

    Woow! I want it

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks! :)

  • Les

    Looks great and I can already think of many many applications were I could use this.

    • Jon Arnold

      Great! Thanks Les. :)

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    It looks very promising, congratulations on your work. I will like to see the option of trying different lenses and filters if you want to take your photography to the next level, also different camera bodies.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks for that input Carlos. Trying different bodies and filters may be a future feature, but I’ve already built the functionality for trying different lenses…there will be a dedicated module all about lenses. :)

      • Carlos Rodriguez

        Excelent news. Can wait to try It. Good job.

    • Mark Chamberlin

      I personally think that the use of on Camera filters is pretty old-school. Few if any photographers I know of today use filters in their work with the exception of possibly a polarizer or Graduated ND filter. My personal opinion, Jon, is to. not to spend a lot of time with the filters concept.

      • Carlos Rodriguez

        Hi Mark. I totally agree with you and thats what I meant with use of filter like using ND filters to slowdown the shutter speed or polarizing filters for landscapes‚ etc.

  • takata

    Well done, Jon

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Takata!

  • John

    Looks great

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks John!

  • John Rasmussen

    Fantastic! Can’t wait to get my hands on this exciting app…

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks John. We’ll have a playable demo online very soon.

  • s2art

    FANTASTIC!!!! Are you going to leave a tripod option in? I really like the way the exposure interface operates and slows down the users attention, then completely disappears. The focusing option looks fabulous as well!!

    • Jon Arnold

      Yep, we have a tripod. Don’t try run with it enabled though…you won’t move very fast. :)

  • Pete Ellwanger

    How do i get a copy of the program, it looks great!!!

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Pete, we’ll be announcing roll-out details this summer. Thanks for your interest!

  • Bryan

    I teach a number of photography courses at a college and I have been using CamerSim for the better part of two years in my courses. It’s been, hands-down, the most valuable in-class tool available. I am sure I speak for all the other course instructors here when I ask how we can use this in the classroom? Will there be a huge licencing fee? The school I teach at is state funded and slow to adopt new technologies (even though we have a cutting edge photo department), and I’d hate to wait three years for someone to approve the budget for this.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks for that Bryan, I’m so glad to hear that CameraSim has been useful in your classroom. We’re still working on the pricing/licensing but working with schools will continue to be a big part of the CameraSim roadmap.

  • Štěpánka

    Ano Johne, je to skvělé a opravdu moc se těším, až to začne skutečně fungovat.
    Přeji Vám mnoho zdaru a díky za Vaši práci.

    • Jon Arnold

      Díky Štěpánka!

  • Hub Towner

    Looking good.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Hub!

  • nopersonalive

    Do you have a price for this?

    • Jon Arnold

      We’re still working on that part of it. Sorry! But stay tuned…

  • Kalimah A. Rahman

    I love this app. It really helped me to understand shutter and aperture priority which I never used before. Can’t wait for the new version!

    • Jon Arnold

      That’s great to hear! Thanks Kalimah.

  • Moisés Teles De Medeiros

    Hi Jon,

    Maybe I’m wrong but i realize some mistakes of exposure metering, in the scenes of outdoors in the sun and bright sun, sun with some shadow too, comparing the real elements and light with Simulator. This is what my experience is saying, i am photographer for 18 years.
    Besides, i loved this new Simulator, congratulations!
    Greetings from Brazil, Moisés Teles

    • Jon Arnold

      Good catch! Yes, in that video the light meter is static. However, I’ve since built it out to respond to scene lighting. I can now assign each scene an overall light value and the light meter works as it should. It also adjusts further depending on whether you are looking at mostly well-lit objects versus shadows (I’m still fine tuning this…it’s not perfect yet.)

      • Mark Chamberlin

        I am glad you’re paying attention to this. We all know that exposure compensation is important control in mastering accurate exposures.

      • Moisés Teles De Medeiros

        Apart from the light source is worth mentioning the color tone of the object, whether it is dark or light, which can confuse our eyemeter (lol) and the lightmeter itself against the background with bright blue sky for example, this is just a clue. The misteries of light my dear friend (lol) I am always learning.
        Anyone can see your work is amazing, no shadow of doubt, I will use CameraSim in my classes and will recommend to everyone. Once more, congratulations!

        • Jon Arnold

          Thanks Moisés, great points. Unfortunately my lightmeter will not have metering mode options in this next version (which bugs me) but it’s something I’m committed to figuring out and implementing.

          • Moisés Teles De Medeiros

            I believe whether you make a survey about light metering based on spot mode (shadow for example) those points about light metering I saw on vídeo will solve easily and another hand create paths to study about metering mode later. Believe me, will be a piece of cake for you (lol) Hugs my dear friend!

  • Vera

    I’ve loved CameraSim since the original version and this would just make it even more amazing. Shooting silhouettes maybe, and sporting events too. those would be good scenarios to add in.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Vera. I love silhouettes, so those will definitely be part of up-coming sims (both preserving silhouettes as well as over-exposing to reduce silhouetting).

  • Yacaré Ferroni

    Hi Jon! I think you got a really good one here!!!
    It looks amazing, and it is an incredible good idea!! I bet very soon your new “baby” will get bigger and bigger and very famous too! I cant wait to try it with my students!! Best Regards!

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Yacaré! I hope it can help a lot of people.

  • Kingsley Burton

    looks great!

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Kingsley!

  • Suresh Kumar

    Looks great

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Suresh!

  • Ahmad Syauqi Hidayatillah

    sure, its great!!!

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Ahmad!

  • Daniel Ginsberg

    I recommend showing some vertical or portrait shots. I think a lot of beginners forget that they can rotate the camera.

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Daniel, you’re totally right. Unfortunately I don’t have a good solution for vertical/portrait shooting yet. I think this will be easier to pull off in the tablet world (where you can just rotate the device), but on the desktop I’ve not been able to produce an elegant simulation of this. I’ve not given up, however :)…

  • Neil Creek

    [reposted from my Youtube comment]

    Very impressive! Since you asked for feedback I’ll offer a few suggestions:
    - The contrast seems too low. When exploring the world it looks how we might see it, but the dynamic range of the camera isn’t that wide. It will highlight the exposure choice we have to make between shadows and highlights. The windmill against the sunset for example
    - Along these lines, I’d love to see a histogram
    - The DOF as seen through the viewfinder is too narrow. We see much more in focus in the viewfinder than is seen in the photos after. That’s why it’s easy to miss focus on narrow DOF and why there are focus assist screens
    - Finally, the pop up flash doesn’t seem to generate any shadows in the resulting photos
    - A request, can we set up our own scenes? Say a still life on a table with the camera on a tripod to show how to control the DOF?

    Outstanding work, and I’m sure it will be a very useful teaching tool for me! What will be your terms for photography educators using the app in their lessons or blog posts?

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Neil, thanks for the great feedback! A few responses…
      - I’ve done some more calibrating since creating that video to get the contrast/dynamic range more inline with real world, but it’s not perfect yet. Working on it. :)
      - Histogram is admittedly lower on the priority list, but I know I’ll need to tackle it eventually.
      - I don’t totally agree with your DoF statement, as this depends on the lens (and aperture setting, of course). But like the dynamic range stuff, DoF is important to me to “get right.” DoF has been the most challenging part of building CameraSim, something I’ll likely be tweaking for some time.
      - True, on-camera flash currently does not generate shadows due to a technical limitation. I hope to find a work-around for this, but in the mean time the on-camera flash still nicely shows (I think) how the “feel” of the photo changes drastically (many times undesirably so).
      - The only process I can envision for allowing a user to set up their own scenes is some sort of “scene creation” part of the app where, say, you pick a room, pick some props, etc. This would be super cool but it represents a significant development effort. Once the other elements of CameraSim are rock-solid, I’d certainly consider expanding this app in this way.
      - We’re still working out the pricing details, so sorry, no info on that just yet.

      Neil, I really appreciate all your feedback. Interaction like this is the only way we can know if we’re building the right stuff. :)

  • Jon Arnold

    Hi Mark, thanks for your comments. Yes, I’m very much trying to get to the “art” part of photography…it’s harder to convey but I think it’s the right place to start. We’re sort of figuring this out as we go, but I’m excited too about the potential CameraSim 3D has to “awaken a person’s inner photographer” (that’s our official mission here).

    A few people have asked about a sports setting, which I had not thought of but will seriously look into. I have some technical concerns (all the moving people have performance costs) but I love the idea!

  • keenan singh

    OMG fantastic i cant wait

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Keenan!

  • Selene Pozzer

    That’s amazing! Can’t wait to see it live! We already use Camera SIm for our photographic courses, but this one looks like a sort of photo-videogame! Awesome!

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Selene. Yes, it’s very video-gamey :)

  • Stuart Ackland

    Took up amateur photography a few years ago and your apps helped me no end. Really looking forward to using this app that i hope will build on my confidence when out in the field and help me see and find that perfect shot. Somebody has probably already mentioned it but i would love to do night photography within the app, capture the aurora borealis and star trails. The other thing i would love to see is a race track; fast moving vehicles to take shots of and if they were to crash!!

    Keep inspiring.

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Stuart, I’m thrilled to hear you’ve found CameraSim helpful. Yep, we’ve gotten several night time requests so those are definitely on this list. And I’m always up for making something crash! ;)

  • Nico Visser

    Very cool, but how about expanding it into a full-blown game with a scoring system in which players can compete. Similar to online fps games. This can get more enthusiasts involved in the photography business and really help people learn from each other. It will make education fun. I for one, have 2 children who are interested in photography.

    It will also give us existing photographers the opportunity to “take each other on” on common ground and in the end improve everyone’s skill.

    • Jon Arnold

      I like where you’re going with that, Nico. We’re sort of in baby-steps mode right now, but the exciting thing is the technology is poised to expand in the direction you described. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Brad Alston

    You’ve greatly improved on the previous version and I look forward to working with your newest version. How much are you going to charge for this version? I would think you guys have put many many hours into the software programming. Can’t wait for it to come out.

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Brad, yes, it’s been thousands upon thousands of hours! We’re still figuring out the pricing model, but we’ll have some info on that soon.

  • Android351 .

    Jon, The app looks great and the “Gaming” feel will appeal to most. My only concern is that I would want to simulate regular type shoots and not get into ‘gamey’ space alien scenarios.
    If the characters behave and move realistically, including children and animals – then the tool will add a real challenge. Similarly, I would like to think that the tool could work in macro conditions with suitable subjects such as insects and plants. Looking forward to your developments.

    • Jon Arnold

      Yep, I understand what you’re saying — we wrestle with that balance too between trying to accurately simulate a real setting vs. creating something really far-out. What we’ve decided for now, due to the state of graphics and the computer that they need to run on, we’ll go for photo realism and accuracy where the technology allows, but where it doesn’t, we’ll go for the crazy “gamey” stuff. Above all, our aim is to make it fun and create the best learning environment we can. Thanks so much for your input on all that.

  • Android351 .

    Jon – just another thought – will the user be able to select a specific camera make and model, and will we be able to exchange lenses for different applications ??

    • Jon Arnold

      I don’t have functionality in place for swapping out camera bodies, but I do have functionality in place for swapping lenses. This will be used in a planned lesson/module that’s all about lenses.

  • Benita

    Great idea, great examples! One thing my students struggle with is always focusing in the center or even understanding how to change that focus area. It would be good if the focus area used ‘boxed in’ or showed how the change of focus was going from one object to another with the boxes ‘outlined’ or showcased. Also, what about shooting the same scenery with f4.5 an then f22 sort of like you already have with the flash, no flash. I love this and can’t wait to use it in my classroom! The part of this with the slow shutter speed is great – good example of how that works and I liked the blur effect here for emphasis.

    • Jon Arnold

      Hi Benita, right now I just have the center focal point enabled for auto-focus (I’m a focus-and-reframe guy) but I’m certainly interested in hearing how others use and teach auto-focus techniques. Of course, I have manual focus too. Yes, aperture already work so you can see the difference between f4.5 and f22. Thanks for your comments!

  • Mark Chamberlin

    A sports scenario would be fantastic. I understand the technical implications programming multiple moving figures. Maybe a one on one basketball scenario would be more realistic. The key point to this is peak action shooting, anticipation of the shot, and of course fast shutter speeds.

    • Jon Arnold

      The one-on-one scenario sounds promising, although animating basketball gameplay sounds daunting. Maybe a lone runner on a track, jumping hurdles even. THAT I know I could do.

  • nyoung02

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    • Jon Arnold

      Noted, thanks!

  • mks_egy

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    would you add fisheye lens,ultrawideangle lens & macro lens & filters Polarizing filter ,ND filter & lens hood ? :-)

    • Jon Arnold

      We’re going to have a dedicated lens sim, so those are great suggestions for that. I’ve successfully tested simulating fisheye and other lenses. Not sure about polarizing and ND filters…need to run some tests on that. Hadn’t thought about lens hood but that’s a great suggestion…thanks!

      • mks_egy

        great work :)

  • Mark Hillers

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    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Mark, good to hear!

  • Cesar Gonzalez

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    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Cesar. We’ll have just English in the first roll-out, however, Spanish and other languages will be coming. Multiple languages have really helped the first one so that’s something we won’t forget for this next version.

  • Dale Garvey

    Here are some situations.
    1. Affect of shutter speed in a sprint/hurdles. You can get more runners early rather than later
    2. Front and back lighting in soccer or football.
    3. Removing bad backgrounds before photoshop.
    4. Low angle shooting
    5. Aperture vs shutter priority – variable ISO
    6. different lenses
    7. Over exposing for faces (inside helmets)
    8. Under the lights

    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks for those suggestions Dale!

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    • Jon Arnold

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    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Sandy!

  • Jimmy Gunawan

    Great simulation! While looking at the recorded demo, as 3D artist, I could not stop thinking:
    1. Can I use my own 3D environment? (with lighting, texture, etc)
    2. Can I probably record what’s taken inside the camera? (photos, videos)

    Maybe the simulation can be ported to mobile (iPhone, Android, etc)?

    This is a great start can’t wait to try the actual interactive demo version.


    • Jon Arnold

      Thanks Jimmy. We won’t have any import functionality for 3D environments in this next version, but it’s a very compelling idea. I’ll add it to the wishlist. :) Yes, you’ll be able to snap photos but no video. And yes, I have the ability to port this over to tablets, however, we’re going to focus on desktop/web at first. Thanks for your suggestions and interest!

  • Sharon Morris

    I really like it! I would love to also use some low light settings. It would be nice to have some shots for that. It will help me stay in practice mode :)

    • Jon Arnold

      Yep, we’ll definitely have some low light challenges!

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    • Jon Arnold

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    A great idea that will change all their games on this!!!
    In the future, see it multiplayer, with the execution of various tasks and obtain a unique photo!)

    • Jon Arnold

      It will take us some time to get to multiplayer functionality, but yes, that will open up a lot of very interesting possibilities!

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