CameraSim 2 v0.3

Posted on March 3, 2016 by Jon Arnold

[UPDATE: CameraSim 2 is now called CameraSim Pro.]


The next preview version (v0.3) of CameraSim 2 is out, so please check it out. Here’s a quick overview of what’s new:

Multiple Locations

We still have my favorite dancing guy, but he’s no longer your only option. Btw, despite what many of you say, I like him. His name is Carl.


But we now have a few more subjects to choose from:




Multiple Lenses

Lastly, we have multiple lenses to choose from. And by multiple I mean two. But adding more lenses will be relatively straight forward if this turns out to be a feature people like and use.


Moving on…

With this release I feel like I have a good foundation, so I’m ready to tackle the feature that many have been asking for: Exposure Controls.

I’m on it.

In the meantime, please download this latest version (it’s still free for now) and keep the valuable feedback coming. Again, while I don’t always reply due to time constraints, I read and appreciate EVERY comment.

  • MrChiprocks1

    Hello, I just had a chance to do a quick run-through of Version 3 and it’s phenomenal! Huge update! You are definitely on the right track. A few things I’d like to know about this one. I see that there is a 3rd Lens, but it’s locked. Is this for a future Version 4 release or is there a way to unlock it in V3 right now? As for some additional things I want to see:

    1) I would like to see a Waterfall added to the map so that we can practice in either freezing the water or getting that soft, pillowy look.

    2) I would like to see Fireworks added to the map so that we can practice our FW shots as well. If this is added, then I’d also want to see a Moon added as well. More night time options would be a huge addition that I think a lot of people want.

    Anyway, great job on V3, I’m very excited to see what else you will be implementing in the future. :)

    • Jon Arnold

      I locked the 50mm prime lens to show that some lenses could be locked, perhaps until some level is achieved, or perhaps a free versus paid version situation, but mainly because, until I have exposure controls working (aperture, specifically), there would be nothing new with that lens…you could simply dial in 50mm with the regular zoom lens.

      Thanks for the other scene ideas!

  • MrChiprocks1

    I just noticed that the map has an inactive fountain. If you can’t add a waterfall per se, maybe you can add water to the fountain (geyser) and that will give us the option of freezing water or going for the pillowy look. Just a though.

    • Jon Arnold

      Excellent idea, thanks!

  • Row

    Add my name to those interested in waterfalls and fireworks (great idea). Originally you mentioned after the original version came out that you would be adding waterfalls. Obviously it’s of interest and would be a great way to help teach what can be done at slower shutter speeds and also where the cutoff between freezing the water or obtaining the soft effect is.

    • Jon Arnold

      Agreed. I’ll probably not do much more with the scenery for now since I’ll be working on exposure controls, but when I turn my attention back to scenery, some sort of moving water would be at the top of my list.

  • Nathan

    I love the new update and think it is great i found it a little hard to move however with practice i would be better. i think you are doing a great job. :)