CameraSim 1.2 update for Mac and Windows

Posted on August 6, 2014 by Jon Arnold

After months of toiling over CameraSim 3D, it was time to show the original CameraSim a little love again. Here are some new features in the updated CameraSim 1.2:

Light dimming


Previously when adjusting the light slider, the exposure calculation would update but the sky in the scene would not visually change at all. This was to save on file size, but it always bugged me. Now the sky will dim slightly when you dial in a lessor lighting amount. The intent is not to accurately simulate different skies, but merely to provide at least some visual cue that reflects the current light setting.

Choose your viewfinder


In addition to the Canon-inspired viewfinder we now have a Nikon-inspired viewfinder, complete with the appropriate shutter sounds!

Killing off the feedback


A feature request I’ve received from many-o-photography-instructor is the option to disable the feedback shown after the photo is snapped. With “Hide photo feedback” selected, no feedback will be shown, allowing photography instructors and presenters to supply their own inspiring dialog.

This is a free update for anyone who previously purchased a Mac or Windows version of CameraSim. (Please note that these updates apply to the Mac and Windows versions only.)

Let me know what you think!