A new CameraSim

Posted on September 21, 2015 by Jon Arnold


Have you ever wanted to take photos of a random guy dancing in a park from morning until evening? Well here is your chance, compliments of CameraSim. Available as a FREE download right now is the first “preview” version showing where CameraSim is heading.

One of the many mistakes I made with CameraSim 3D was cocooning away and spending too much time working on it without any user feedback.

[...insert "swooshing" sound of pendulum swinging other way...]

So this time ’round, I’m releasing discrete chunks of functionality to hopefully get constructive feedback along the way.

There aren’t a whole lot of features yet, but I do want to give a few explanations of what is here:

The controls
This is a 3D environment, but this is NOT a 3D game. Walking, running, jumping, crouching and strafing are cool and all, but it takes so many friggin controls to do those things. It’s way too complicated — that was the #1 complaint I got about CameraSim 3D. The new controls here are my attempt to simplify composing a shot in a 3D world.

The dancing guy
I needed something to be moving, sort of like the little girl’s pinwheel in the original CameraSim. The dancing guy will give me something to work with when I am ready to simulate motion blur. Also, it’s fun to see someone dancing like no one is watching.

Lighting control
You can dial in golden hour, harsh noon, shade and even tungsten lighting to demonstrate a variety of lighting scenarios. This will later be used to show the effects of white balance and fill flash.

If you’re a photography instructor looking for a new teaching tool, please try out the free download and give me your feedback.

I’m eager to see where this goes.

  • Micah Harshbarger

    I’m a gamer and so the old controls were very natural and intuitive to me. However, I think I like these controls better overall as it’s easy to make small movements and lock that positive in place to your liking, unlike the more free flowing and always-on type controls that the WASD controlling system brings. Of course, having the option to more than one control type that one can change in a settings setup before going into the simulator would be fantastic for an end goal in a final release or a later update after an official release. I know anything is easier said that done when it comes to programing though.

    I really like this new setup. With a couple clicks it was easy to see and understand what the controls did without any need for a tutorial. I look forward to seeing more ‘chunks’. :D

    • http://camerasim.com Jon Arnold

      Love your photo :)

  • Mr. Tucker

    Can’t wait to see the camera controls incorporated. Thanks for sharing this Jon!

  • calalama

    Great !!! Supreme concept.. Can`t wait for the upgrade !