CameraSim for iPad

I am super pleased to announce that an enhanced version of the DSLR simulator is now available for iPad. With nice big buttons, you can experiment with different camera settings with ease.

Important: Like a real DSLR camera, you won’t see the full effect of your settings until you snap the photo! Again, you have to actually tap the “snap photo” button.

Sometimes it’s helpful to just read a description of what the heck all these camera settings are. Tapping the blue “i” in the upper right brings up such a “help” overlay. With this overlay enabled, you’ll see a helpful definition for each camera control you touch:

If you’re brand new to DSLR cameras, fiddling with the camera controls on your own will only get you so far. That’s where the Examples screen comes in handy. This screen contains some common DLSR camera settings — some good, some bad — to help you understand how those settings affect the resulting image:

At any time, just snap the photo to see what you’ve got!

Maybe your photo won’t have the “perfect” settings, but that’s ok! (There are no perfect settings.) But getting instant feedback will help you understand how to make adjustments and try again:

CameraSim is now in several different languages:

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