Visually explain how to use a DSLR camera.

Learn by doing

Learn by doing

Freely experiment with this virtual DSLR. Snap the “photo” to see your results.

A lil’ help

Helpful hints

Get clear explanations on key DSLR photography principles.

Learn by seeing

Learn by seeing

Example settings show the flexibility – and pitfalls – of a DSLR camera.

Helpful tips

Photo feedback

Get instant advice on how “bad” photos can be improved.

Full screen mode

Full screen mode

Perfect for teaching and presentations.

Post-snap adjustments

Post-snap adjustments

Continue adjustments even after the “photo” has been snapped.

This is the enhanced version of my DSLR learning tool featured by Wired, USAToday, Engadget, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, PCWorld, and MacWorld that is rapidly approaching 1 million “stumbles” by the StumbleUpon community.

CameraSim visually explains the controls of a DLSR camera. Using a specially designed example image, CamerSim lets you experience the effects of various settings.

See the effects of:

  • Aperture/f-stop
  • Shutter speed
  • ISO
  • Lighting
  • Focal length
  • Parallax
  • ‘Camera shake’ blur
  • Tripod stabilization
  • Subject motion blur
  • Over- & under-exposure
  • Exposure priority modes

For photography newbies

  • Experiment with wildly different settings and see how each affects the final “photo”
  • Get instant feedback: see what you did right, or get advice on how your settings can be improved
  • Observe the effects of preset example settings, or experiment with settings of your own

For photography instructors

  • Provides an interactive demonstration of key photography principles to students
  • Full screen mode provides an uncluttered visual aid for teaching and presentations!
  • Select between Canon-ish and Nikon-ish viewfinder views
  • Option to hide photo feedback

Choose from multiple translations within the app!

  • Danish
  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Romanian
  • Swedish
  • Russian
  • Ukranian
  • Korean

CameraSim is the fun and engaging way to demystify the DLSR camera!

System requirements

  • Pentium 4 or better
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP or later
  • 512MB of RAM or more
  • Intel Core™ Duo or faster processor
  • Mac OS X v10.6 or later
  • 512MB of RAM or more