Your students will learn (and love!) photography with Camerasim!

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This is Awesome!! I love it
- CameraSim user

BTW, I love the simulator too. Very handy for learning the nitty grittys. Thanks.
- CameraSim user

Whenever I meet someone new who I end up chatting to about photography, I always share this with them. Especially if they are a beginner and need to mess around with the camera controls to get a feel of what affects what.
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I love the CameraSim site and tell my students about it all the time!!
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Camerasim contains world-class, interactive teaching tools from a fully functional “virtual DSLR” in a 3D world full of photography scenarios to interactive learning modules that allow students to visualize difficult photography concepts better than ever before.

Let your students get camera practice without leaving the classroom

CameraSim Pro

Join thousands of others learning photography through a simple process to practice and experience genuine photography scenarios anywhere, anytime. CameraSim Pro has been used by many educators at the High School and University levels to:

  • Facilitate hands-on (kinesthetic) learning
  • Empower students to practice photography before they invest in a camera
  • Monitor an individual student’s learning progress within the classroom
  • Utilize 3D models and resources that explain the workings of a camera and the photography triangle in an engaging way

Our subscriptions also include:
CameraSim’s Critically Acclaimed Interactive Photography Teaching Modules

The Original CameraSim

Play with ISO, aperture and shutter speed with the original DSLR camera simulator.

Exposure Contraption

Truly visualize how exposure is affected by light, ISO, aperture and shutter speed in a way you've never been able to before.

DSLR Explained

See what goes on inside a DSLR camera when you snap that photo.

Exposure Compensation

The most valuable and underused feature of a DSLR camera.

Focus Frame Shoot

Learn this handy (and controversial) composition technique.

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Why do Teachers love CameraSim?

Facilitate better hands on learning in the classroom

CameraSim offers next generation technology across all facets of camera and photography education. Students can explore the world of photography hands on directly in the classroom

Add photography to your fine arts program

The CameraSim Package has turnkey coursework and resources to help you add an entire course or simply a photography unit to your arts program.

Catch up with other top schools around the world using CameraSim

Technology is constantly evolving and so must the way schools teach-- CameraSim is a modern way to teach the fundamentals of photography.

Practice camera skills without the camera!

CameraSim's advanced 3D eviornment creates an unique opportunity to teach, learn, and practice advanced DSLR skills before using or without having expensive gear!

Easily explain the fundamentals

Camera fundamentals are hard, but with the visualization of key concepts and online access for each student-- CameraSim helps students learn faster... anytime, anywhere

Join the Movement!

Technology in education is moving quickly.... and not just in core subjects. Add CameraSim to your arts program to provide your students with the best learning resources available today.