CameraSim 3D

Full DSLR simulation

Accurately demonstrates ISO grain, depth of field blur, motion blur, and exposure based on your camera settings. New controls include exposure compensation, white balance and camera flash!

Immersive 3D environments

CameraSim 3D has been rebuilt on a 3D gaming engine to make learning photography fun and memorable.

Multiple scenes

Our #1 feature request is finally here. We’ll continue expanding our library of scenes to give you more new photographic challenges to choose from.

Save-able photos

Create a photo album of your favorite photo examples. Saved photos remember scene settings and camera settings allowing for easier photography demonstrations and presentations.

Swappable lenses

Show the strengths and weaknesses of wide angle lenses versus telephoto zoom lenses.

Essential controls

ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed, Exposure priority mode, Tripod yes/no, NEW: White balance, NEW: Exposure compensation, NEW: Flash on/off

For more info, see the CameraSim 3D roadmap.