Learn Photography Like Never Before

Photograph the world without leaving your computer

Join thousands of others wanting to learn photography in a simple process to practice and learn anywhere, anytime.... even before you buy the camera. CameraSim Pro has been used by many educators at the High School and University levels:

  • Facilitate hands-on (kinesthetic) learning
  • Empower students to practice photography before they invest in a camera
  • Monitor an individual student’s learning progress within the classroom
  • Utilize 3D models and resources that explain the workings of a camera and the Photography triangle

With a CameraSim Pro subscription, you also get:

The Original CameraSim

Play with ISO, aperture and shutter speed with the original DSLR camera simulator.

Exposure Contraption

A work-in-progress for demonstrating how exposure is affected by light, ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

DSLR Explained

See what goes on inside a DSLR camera when you snap that photo.

Exposure Compensation

The most valuable and underused feature of a DSLR camera.

Focus Frame Shoot

Try this handy (and controversial) composition technique.

CameraSim Pro is ready to teach you, if you're ready to learn... sign up today!

$39.00 Get CameraSim Pro

Purchase a subscription to CameraSim Pro and receive immediate access to the 3D CameraSim world to practice your DSLR skills AND access to a handful of photography and camera learning resources.

The CSP simulator demonstrate the effects of:

  • Aperture/f-stop
  • Shutter speed
  • ISO
  • Focal length
  • Parallax
  • ‘Camera shake’ blur
  • Tripod stabilization
  • Subject motion blur
  • Over- & under-exposure
  • Exposure priority modes
  • Exposure compensation
  • White balance
  • On-camera flash
  • Multiple lenses
  • Multiple subjects
  • Composition
  • Manual and auto focus
  • Time-of-day lighting
  • Landscape & portrait orientation
Need the details? Check out the online User Guide.