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You are seconds away from taking photos without the constraints of weather, budget, or location.

With lifetime access to an immersive approach to learning how to use a DSLR, you will be able to practice shooting in different environments without waiting for the perfect day.

  • Experience hands-on (kinesthetic) learning
  • Practice photography before investing in a camera
  • Become proficient not only in taking photos, but in framing them, as well

With the CameraSim Pro package, you will gain access to a suite of tools to round out your photography education.

The CameraSim Pro Package prepares you with the know-how to navigate any camera you might encounter. Don't just memorize controls - understand the ways they affect a photo.

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CameraSim Pro

Consider CameraSim Pro your virtual DSLR camera. Take photos in various environments and times of day from the comfort of home.

Exposure Contraption

Use this 3D model to see how exposure is affected by light, ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

Focus Frame Shoot

Take your DSLR skills to the next level by practicing how to compose the perfect shot using Focus. Frame. Shoot.

DSLR Explained

Deepen your understanding by seeing what goes on inside a DSLR camera when you snap a photo.

Exposure Compensation

Ineract with and adjust exposure in real time to see how it affects a given shot.

Original CameraSim

Play with ISO, aperture and shutter speed with the original DSLR camera simulator.

Don't just take our word

"Whenever I meet someone new who I end up chatting to about photography, I always share this with them. Especially if they are a beginner and need to mess around with the camera controls to get a feel of what affects what"

- Heidi M.

"I love the CameraSim site and tell my students about it all the time!!"

- Loreen L.

"I love the simulator... Very handy for learning the nitty grittys. Thanks"

- Gaurang S.

Start your photography education free of the constraints of weather, budget, or location.